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  1. furryfilth

    Ferrofluid AD adopt!

    www.furaffinity.net: Ferrofluid AD adopt! $15 starting bid! by furryfilth Link to auction on FA and picture^^^^^^^^^^ www.furaffinity.net: Ferrofluid Adopt! Relaxed version by furryfilth Link to second picture^^^^^^^^^^ Starting bid $15! Minimum increments of $1. Comment on FA auction (first...
  2. furryfilth

    How to draw Dutchies?

    I've been experimenting with my DAD Tofu and I'm wondering if anyone knows of quick shape bases (circles and lines and shit) for drawing anthro dutchies? I can manage the heads pretty well from the side with two circles but I have a hard time proportioning the shoulders and arms. Any advice is...
  3. furryfilth

    I'll do you a free doodle

    Dogs/cats/simple animals only please, I'm trying to get some more experience drawing different characters but I would like to be able to do them as a favor to you. I will most likely not color all of them, but I might. I only plan on doing a few so first come first serve! You can find some of my...
  4. furryfilth

    How to get your pictures to not be sideways?

    A couple of recent sketches I posted to FA are sideways, and I'm sure it's got something to do with size, but I'm not good with computer stuff. Someone tell me how to make them right side up?
  5. furryfilth

    Blonde Angel Dragon Names?

    Okay okay okay. I finally figured out what my DAD looks like, but she needs a name still. She's mostly a blonde color (less yellow and more of a pale golden brown), with white, light blue, and grey. Personalitywise she's very outgoing and fun, bubbly or bouncy are good words to describe her. The...
  6. furryfilth

    Describe your aesthetic in five lines or less

    Full sentences or single words. 1. Teacups 2. Big guns 3. The city at night after it rains 4. Being alone in a small apartment 5. Candlelight
  7. furryfilth

    Talk to me about anything

    I'm bored as hell and wanna talk to some people so here ya go. Type words and I will reply with more words. If you wanna RP the RP, if you wanna complain about anything that's fine too, just dooo itttt (cue Shia Labeouf gif.)
  8. furryfilth

    Artists who can draw Aristocats style?

    My fursona is very much like Duchess, and I'm looking to commission someone who can draw in a similar style, though a bit edgier. If you can, or if you know anyone who can, let me know! I may need your talent.
  9. furryfilth

    DAD creativity thread

    I need ideas for a new Dutch Angel Dragon fursona, preferably ones that aren't all that similar to Telephone. I like her shape and style which if typically just characteristic of DADs, but maybe just some new horn/spike placement, unique features, etc? Throw me some ideas.
  10. furryfilth

    My very first ever furry drawing that happens to also be Catatonix

    So I drew my very first base of Catatonix today, which is also my first picture of any furry at all ever. Enjoy it. I erased her eyes like 8 times and they still aren't how I want them, so I will be improving her face later on as I learn how to draw more styles. I think her proportions look...
  11. furryfilth

    What does the fandom/community mean to you?

    how did you find the fandom and why do you love or hate it?
  12. furryfilth

    Names for Bunnies and Dutch Angel Dragons?

    I'm making two new character and I find that I can create the design a lot easier when I have a name in mind, sooooo.. what would you name a dutch angel dragon and Bunny? Both are female, they have no concept design or personality yet, so just fire out those names!
  13. furryfilth

    Thoughts on Zootopia?

    Finally getting around to watching it, what did you guys think?
  14. furryfilth

    I need creative suggestions!

    I'm developing my fursona and I need some suggestions to help polish off the rough edges. So far my fursona is a fluffy white cat named Catatonix (nicknames needed as well) with an exposed bionic arm, lighted hair, teeth, claws, and has bright blue eyes.
  15. furryfilth

    Opinion on squeaky suiters?

    There was more squeakers this year than I personally have seen any other year, I'm not sure how I feel about it. Like it works for some suiters and for the ones who know how to use them it can be cute, but like the constant squeaky toy noises kinda just become background noise after a while in...
  16. furryfilth

    Help! I need fursona names!

    Okay I'm lost for names... My fursona is a fluffy white cat with bright light blue eyes, pink nose, inner ears, and paw pads. She also has a bionic left arm and paw, and some other subtle bionic features. When I decide to commission a fursuit of her, she'll have eyes, claws and possibly teeth...
  17. furryfilth

    South Carolina Furs?

    Are there any furries in SC? I'm feeling pretty lonely over here. I'd love to find some people to pal around with.
  18. furryfilth

    South Carolina Furs?

    Are there any furries in SC? I'm feeling pretty lonely over here. I'd love to find some people to pal around with.