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  1. Sealterbloind

    Need name help from Hawaiian furs!

    I'm making a character design that I'm hoping to name with a Hawaiian themed name, and I'm struggling to find words/names that don't turn into something weird when I use Google translate... ^^" So, I thought to ask help with all the lovely people here in hopes for maybe finding someone who...
  2. Sealterbloind

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: Anthro Moodboard Character Designs (30$-40$ each)

    I have three moodboard based anthro character designs that I'm looking to sell or trade in Toyhouse! Starseeker Badger Sunset Squirrel Soothsayer Sloth I'm mostly looking for real currency 30$-40$, payments via Paypal, but I'm also lowkey interested in character trades. Just make sure to check...
  3. Sealterbloind

    Separate accounts for SFW and NSFW art?

    Just a simple question for other fellow artists here: Do you have separate accounts for SFW and NSFW art..? I have been thinking of maybe being interested to draw some NSFW art in the future, but I'm really not sure what would be the best way to proceed forward :< Has anyone without a separate...
  4. Sealterbloind

    Finally finished my protogen's profile!

    I designed a protogen character of myself well over a month ago, but I found it really hard to write any info about her because I was trying too hard to include every aspect of myself into this one sona, but after browsing through the FA forums I realized that it's totally fine to have multiple...
  5. Sealterbloind

    Long time lurker joins in

    Hello everyone! My name is Sealterbloind, and I'm a long time lurker of the furry fandom who has finally gathered up the courage to step out of the shadows and actually openly join in the fandom. I wish to finally get to know other people who share the love and interest towards the fandom and...