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    Old Sitcoms

    What's TV1?
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    Sensitive (physically or emotionally)?

    I'm terribly sensitive emotionally. It's insanely debilitating and hard to get rid of. There's no real reason for me to be either. I was never really picked on or abused and my life was stable if not great. There's really no reason for me to be as emotionally sensitive as I am. As for...
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    Old Sitcoms

    People love talking about that brand new show that came out and how intelligent/witty/funny/suspenseful it is, but how about all the old goodies out there that have been somewhat forgotten? Are there any old sitcoms or other kinds of shows that you can watch the reruns over and over again...
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    Any Rammstein lovin' furs?

    Aww I love Rammstein :) I have ever since I was 14. They were my first favorite band and got me into the wonderful world of the German language. I think they were the first band CD I bought too. However, Rosenrot, from what I heard...teh stinky. Some of my favorite songs are Seemann...
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    Facebook anybody?

    I'm on facebook :) http://muohio.facebook.com/profile.php?id=7705503
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    what made you a furry?

    I'd say there wasn't one point where I became a furry. Officially and by definition, I called myself a furry and identified with the subculture in 2002-2003 when I was 15-16. I started looking up The Lion King forums on the internet because I had grown this brand new fascination with lions that...
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    Unknown, well known, or just obscure?

    I'm pretty unknown, but I'd say that's mostly my own fault. I'm unnecessarily anti-social, even online :P People seem to like my art when I do something other than Sphinxes. It's practically all I do though. Obsessed much? Definitely. :oops:
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    Why was the human drawing thread closed?

    My two cents on humans: To me, I feel like there is such a large desensitization (is that a word?) of the notion that humans are animals. You see it all the time...humans wanting to be perfect, more machine than animal. It's really kind of sad, but also the backlash of people thinking they're...
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    Relationship Status

    I'm single and pretty pleased with it. I haven't been single in such a long time and it pretty much turned me into a slut :? but I put a quick stop to that. I'm still kind of seeing my ex-boyfriend though : Not that I'm unhappy, it's just kind of bad practice to do that even though everyone...
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    Fur and Loathing (Yeah, that CSI episdoe)

    Unfortunately, that's how my mom found out I was a Furr. I told her I don't get into the sexual part of the fandom (i.e. screwing in fursuits. Just not my bag) but she still is apprehensive about it. I live on an Army base and since my dad is the commander, we are able to have a cable modem...
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    Sup fellas.

    Man, what treatment. This is definatly the place to be. Thanks for all the warm welcomes :)
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    Sup fellas.

    Silverwolfe: Yes, some therians look at it that way...while others think it's more fun to think they are just wolves, or tigers, or racoons...nope not human not at all, not them :roll: anyway, I digress... Yak: Ohh Lady Sphinx eh? How gracious of you :D Yah it seems like I'm the only...
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    Sup fellas.

    Oznor: I'm not really from anywhere because I move around a lot. Right now, I'm in Ohio for school, but I'm spending my summer in Virginia. Silverwolfe: Therians are people who believe that their souls are or are of an animal's spirit. Otherkin is the same thing, but covers a wide variety of...
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    Sup fellas.

    I registered to this forum a long time ago and I think I introduced myself, but since I haven't been here for a while, I thought I might just go ahead and do it again. My name is Jenny, I'm almost 20 years old, and I'm studying to be a Studio Art major. You can go ahead and call me Sphinx...
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    The State of FA - September 16, 2K5

    You've made a little Sphinxie very happy.