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  1. Aleat_Rodan

    Singer Wanted

    I am doing a quick project for now: I have taken the Furry VN(visual novel) Nekojishi theme with its bad translated lyrics and transformed them into something more understandable yet still fitting and mirroring the original. I am looking for someone who is able to sing well, that would be...
  2. Aleat_Rodan

    Looking for good artist who can draw reeeeallly cute pics

    looking for someone who can draw a reeeeally good and cute pic, (preferably colored too) of me and my mate's sona together for Valentine's day. pm me or email me for more details
  3. Aleat_Rodan


    :)im new to FA and FAF. I have always had a fascination with human like animals since i was 7. My favorite animal i would draw the most was canines. I can't really draw offhand all too well so my fursona was made via generator. I am a nice guy and easy to get along with and hope to make many...