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    Odd laptop battery problems

    Laptop battery calibration. Batteries lose polymer 'memory' in lithium batteries. The fix? Every once in a while, deplete them fully (to zero, or as close as possible) and then recharge shortly after depletion. Also, discharge and charge them from time to time. if the juice doesn't flow...
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    Trouble tickets

    I dunno what the cause of the problem is, only that it's there on the site, and wasn't as bad before the change, and got much worse after the change. It's always been slow tho. It usually takes 2 days to close a ticket even when there's no issue (Suspected violation that turned out not to be)...
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    I think I'll Make a MUD

    QFT Arguing MUD/muck/mush/moo/morp is like arguing mountain dew/coke/pepsi/sierra mist/vault/tea They're all beverages, so STFU
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    I think I'll Make a MUD

    Annoying useless comments from people who clearly only want to play WoW for their furry RPG fix.. I find that any modern hardware will run fine. The typical user consumes about 900 bytes/second on a simplified MUD. 200 bytes/second on a MUCK, since MUDs usually stream more data. (Note that...
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    Trouble tickets

    No. In fact, I dare say the response time has increased more than tenfold. Especially on high-priority issues such as harassment and grotesque image violations. FA has now become a lovely place to troll. They can go days without being banned.
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    Ink feature in Windows Live 2009

    Noone can help you. You have chosen the weakest link, and are shunning the strongest candidates. You are now in self-inflicted user hell. If OC is too hard for you, you must turn your computer off immediately.
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    Handy OS's (and why)

    MinuetteOS A 100% ASSEMBLER coded, modern 64-bit OS with an HTTP server similar to Apache, SSH1&2, FTP, and more servers, browser, DVD player, Doom1&2, Super Mario Bros, and Quake. And no harddrive or CD-ROM drive required: Only a floppy.
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    FA Reprocesses Images... Can we improve it some?

    Actually, there is a JPEG format that does. I remember messing with it back in 2000. Alas, I can't remember much about it, other than it was big, bulky, and like, NOTHING supported it outside of photoshop. I think it was a Jasc thing.
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    My thoughts on the Fa site in all

    To be accurate, an epileptic would not be here in the first place. Many states have laws restricting your activity if you are epileptic. I live with one. Epileptics cannot obtain a driver's liscense in many states, for example. If an epileptic logs into FA, they do so with full knowledge...
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    BSOD while using only the calculator?

    Typical causes of a BSOD (Or, in Vista/XP, it may just reboot or turn off unexpectedly. See, Microsoft can't fix them so they made the PC auto-reboot in an attempt to make it look like a hardware problem.) Viruses or other malware, bad drivers, outdated drivers, incorrect drivers, too many...
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    Site Problems

    Aside from the white screens after uploading, pictures appearing in completely inappropriate locations for no apparent reasons, and generally painfully slow performance i've had for the past couple days, I am now getting error 500's. Does the server need a reboot or something?
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    Question: Why was the $$/Month raised to $890?

    Wasn't there like a $115 surplus in december? I remember it going over 100% goal.
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    What is the site caught a bug?

    Macs don't have viruses? Tell that to the poor SOB I stuck a Newton into.
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    why no crocodiles in the species box?

    Because the crocodiles are being used to force-feed leftover food products from the cafeteria as part of the science project attempting to convert hotdogs into sausages.
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    ISPs need to get with the times

    http://homepage.ntlworld.com/robin.d.h.walker/cmtips/downup.html A great (if advanced, and old) guide to the upload/download limit. I find that on cable, you get roughly 0.9mbit for every 256 kbit of upload. Latency is usually 100-400ms. On DSL, it's about 1.4mbit for every 128kbit...
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    ISPs need to get with the times

    For unknown reasons, my posts as of late continuously double, despite no double-clicking. I click once, and it warns I must wait 30 seconds. If I do and repost, there are 2+ posts. If I do not, there are no posts. I'm thinking Chrome has begun to suck.
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    ISPs need to get with the times

    Actually, the DSL companies have been steadily increasing it. Qwest's cheapest DSL package is currently 1.5 mbit up, and just last year was 768k. Sure you're not referring to just specific ISPs? Namely the ones that don't have the adequate infrastructural technology to support modern users...
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    Windows 7

    I sure hope w7 beats the piss out of Vista. Else i've decided my next PC will be a Mac.
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    Curious: what internet do you use?

    3.56kbps is not good upload for dialup, no. At 45k down, it should be between 20-25k.