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  1. Link Wolf

    Animated Stabby icons! $6

    (apologies if this is considered "mature". Feel free to edit or baleet) Customizable stabby icons, only $6, Paypal. Will be edited to your character's species/colours/attributes and of course the thing they hate. <3 If you'd like one, reply in my journal...
  2. Link Wolf

    Replacement Wacom pen-grip?

    So I've noticed the rubber grip on my Graphire4 pen is all worn, torn, and coming off... For some reason Wacom doesn't sell replacements for just the grip (or at least I haven't seen any) and replacment pens are a whopping $40 and up. Is there someplace that sells just the grips? Can I...
  3. Link Wolf

    Furry last names and "John Human" syndrome

    I've noticed that people always act so dumbfounded/surprised when they see "Wolf" in my name and yet my species is a kangaroo. It's like their brains just shut down like I'm some strange paradox. I've gotten so many 'tard-faced people blinking at me going "Hurr hurr, shouldn't you be Link Roo?"...