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    What job would your Fursona have?

    He would be a nurse because I'm a pre-nursing student and I have a great love of the field
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    Doemain of our Own

    I realize I must be very late for this question, but it needs to be asked. Can Doemain of Our Own, SueDeer's comic, still be found anywhere? I know the website has been taken down, but everywhere I've tried to find the books has been a dead end. Any info for this is very much appreciated. I...
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    Hello new people!

    Munch munch munch
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    Hello new people!

    This is my first post ever on Fur Affinity! I just wanted to take a sec to introduce myself, so here goes. My name is Angel of Mercy, people just call me Angel, and I am a pre-nursing student from the state of Georgia in the good ol' US of A. I enjoy video games, numerous creative pursuits...