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    Just a little VS thought...

    I just saw this topic in the Gaming section about Samus vs Master Chief...well, and I clicked on my desktop, and got to thinking... What if Ruroni Kenshin and Ichigo faced off? Who do you think would win? I don't know much about Bleach, but I do know a lot about Kenshin, my best friend...
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    Hello everybody, Now, if you've never played this game, or heard of it, please just don't bother reading this topic. It is meaningless to you, and honestly, you don't know good videogaming. Now, for those who HAVE played it, or at least WATCHED somebody play it, then you may join the...
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    Meow :3

    Hey everybody, my name is Ryuichi Shiramoto, but it's just Ryu for short. And I'm a hedge-wolf *Half Hedgehog, Half Wolf* So yeah, I draw a comic series, named Chaotic World...and yeah, I plan on doing that for a living, even though I have tons to improve on...so yesh.