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  1. Azurex

    Stupid things you've done

    Join this forum Why did I even. What. Bye
  2. Azurex

    Why do people hate being thanked for faves and watches?

    Well, for me it depends. I often find that they're rarely personalized, and seem to be a simple cut and paste job. The usual 'Thanks for the watch!' or 'Thanks for the fave!' are just unnecessary clutter, imo. If someone takes the effort to write something unique and personalized, I'll gladly...
  3. Azurex

    YO, what's up

    I'm 20, I live in Sydney, and I've been 'in the fandom' since about 2010. Music is my life. I have a strangely specific interest in video games from years 1995 - 2005, I'm utterly fascinated by other cultures, past time periods and I'm weird. But who isn't? That about sums it up, I guess...
  4. Azurex


    Yes, hello
  5. Azurex

    What is the proper ammount of furryness to display in public?

    For me? None. Absolutely no desire to showcase my 'furryness' to the public
  6. Azurex

    5/17 Site Attack

    Bluh. I had important notes I needed to respond to. Ah well. Hoping this won't turn out like last time, and end up taking up to a week to come back online