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    What do you think of our art style?

    Robotic Potato Games here :D We've posted a few times here to get some feedback on our game SHMUP inspired game SpaceCats in Space! In the game, you take command of Princess Angel's feline fleet and battle against the evil dogs of the Grolich Empire. We've been working really hard to make sure...
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    Would love to know what you guys think of my game?

    Hey everyone! I'm currently working with Robotic Potato Studios on the game SpaceCats in Space!It takes dog fighting to a whole new level as you lead Princess Angel’s squadron against the evil K9s of the Grolich empire in this SHMUP inspired game We have worked really hard to make the game...
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    Indie Furry Games?

    Hey guys. Just joined the forums here, and was wondering if there are any indie games that you guys are looking forward to or into? I am currently working on an indie game called SpaceCats in Space!, which as you probably guessed, is about cats battling in space :D Here's a link to the...