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  1. Takeshi

    What video did you buy last?

    Pre-ordered: Also, my existing collection can be seen here: http://takeshi666.dvdaf.com/ EDIT: NO TALKING ABOUT TORRENTS. :mad:
  2. Takeshi

    Attention all Gryphons

    This has been seriously bugging me for a long time and I've decided to find out whether this phenomena is limited to merely Tapestries or all of furdom. Out of over a dozen gryphons I have come across, vast majority have been the four-legged type which makes them particularily exceptional...
  3. Takeshi

    Oh hi

    Ok, so I've been on FA since 2006, forums since 2008...and I only make my first post now. Well originally I didn't bother registering in the first place because I really, really detest the registration process. All that trouble for making a post or two and then never visit the frikkin' forums...