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    Wolf searching for mate

    Hello all; I am a feral brown wolf, searching for a mate could it be you? I am looking for a caring female, or herm character, who dosent mind to have alittle fun here and there. My name is Dukers. Well I would love to settle down and not have any heartbreaks, I have been heartbroken SO many...
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    Hello if you guys browsed FA, you mightof noticed my account Wolfeyphil :) I wish to learn how to draw art soon so..... I might take some college for that, I am a computer Repair person, dealing with virus + malware + spyware + prevention + removal + network person. I am outgoing and I love to...
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    Hello all Im new to the forums, And well I hope we all can be great friends. I just want you guys to know Im not a mean wolfey and loves to cuddle :) So if youw ant a Cuddle buddy let me know kay?