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    How to not be bored?

    I've noticed lately that I've been spending the majority of my constantly waning free time just sitting around with nothing to do and nothing that I want to do, as well as no motivation to go do anything remotely useful or productive. Anything that I could do to not be bored?
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    Looking for someone to play some CS:GO Matchmaking in New England-ish

    Hey all. I'm super bored and would like to play some Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Anyone in/near New England (because ping) wanna start a queue for a competitive matchmaking session?
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    I spent a good thirty minutes figuring out how to sign up, but hi!

    Hey all. I am really bad at signing up on vBulletin websites for some reason but finally made it here. I joined because I felt like being part of a community of people that didn't appear to be inherently toxic like many other forums out there and because I am interested in furry art and such. I...