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    Site Problems

    Aside from the white screens after uploading, pictures appearing in completely inappropriate locations for no apparent reasons, and generally painfully slow performance i've had for the past couple days, I am now getting error 500's. Does the server need a reboot or something?
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    Error 500 help?

    Okay, SO. I am having trouble accessing a website. I continually receive an error 500 'Internal Server Error' message when trying to access it. However many (not all) users can access it just fine. This occurs across all OSs, browsers, and in multiple physical locations around the world...
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    Fastest SSD for Swapfile

    I'm trying to find the fastest SSD drive I can buy >right friggin' now<. It'll be used solely for swapfile. So i'm only looking for 2-8 GB in size. More's fine, but not necessary. [Stow suggestions for getting more RAM: Having more than 16GB of RAM is unreasonably expensive and not gonna...
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    Site Outage?

    504 Gateway Time-out nginx/0.6.33
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    Encryption/Compression CPU

    Question. What would be a good choice for an AMD AM2/AM2+ processor for the following: I am testing a new Compression algorythm that is at present insanely slow, and need some significant CPU power to ramp it up. At present it can't utilize multiple cores, so I need something that gives the...
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    Video Card ? (Side-port?)

    What is this onboard video with HD3xxx's with 'side-port memory' on them? Most seem to be 128 MB. Isn't onboard video supposed to suck? Why are these boards so much more expensive and respected? Also, can anyone reccomend me the fastest dual+ core CPU there is? I am looking for PER-CORE...