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  1. Kyouryuu

    Best game based of a movie

    Probably Goldeneye, although it has aged very badly and really had nothing to do with James Bond. Seriously, what was the body count in the actual movie? The two or three main villains? Bond offs guys left and right in the game; he doesn't even try to be stealthy.
  2. Kyouryuu

    Survival-horror games

    Doom 3 is occasionally disturbing, but not really that scary. The problem with it is how iD pulled the monster closet scenario every single time. You enter an empty, dark room. You know what must inevitably happen, if not now then on backtracking, and it's no surprise when it does. Scariness...
  3. Kyouryuu

    UT3 Console Modding Drama

    They all seem like a bunch of crybabies to me. If I was modding this game, since I don't have a PS3, I would just find someone on-line with a PS3 to test it on and work with them to make sure it works on both platforms. That would be my only concern - that cooking for the PS3 would introduce...
  4. Kyouryuu

    Unreal Tournament 3 krall screenshots

    Wow, I think I liked how they looked in the first Unreal a lot better. It's a shame Unreal Tournament 3's single player game is so shallow. The tools that are part of the Unreal Engine are really powerful and it's a shame they are wasted on what's essentially a botmatch campaign.
  5. Kyouryuu

    1 Of The Best "Under The Radar Games" Of All Time!

    Let me rephrase that. SotC is driven by animation timing over gameplay timing. In general, the game doesn't respond to controller input until the character finished their canned animation. The end result is that the character has rather fluid animation ("realistic"), but the controls are less...
  6. Kyouryuu

    Furry Commercial

    Well, aside from the fact that it would never be on US airwaves, I'm impressed at how elaborate it is. All we get is Toucan Sam. >_>
  7. Kyouryuu

    1 Of The Best "Under The Radar Games" Of All Time!

    Shadow of the Colossus' problem is that it emphasized realistic animation for the protagonist over split-second controls. The game is great up until the giant beasts start fighting back. Then the controls just become unresponsive and maddening (but Wander and the horse animate in very...
  8. Kyouryuu


    I thought it was very boring and contrived, although I can't deny that it looked nice. IIRC, it was running on the same Renderware tech the Burnout games used.
  9. Kyouryuu

    Sexy Videogame characters

    My top favorite is probably Cammy, when she first appeared in Super Street Fighter II. I didn't care much for the odd blue outfit, but the original green one was a definite win! <3 I also like Knuckles and Ratchet and Krystal. :)
  10. Kyouryuu

    "It'll be done when it's do--..what's that? IT IS?!"

    Not an engine rewrite - a jump between engines. When Duke Nukem Foreverstarted, it was running off Unreal Tournament's engine. Yeah, the first UT. At some point, they converted it over to UT2004's engine and now it's rumored to be running on Unreal Engine 3. I've heard within my circle...
  11. Kyouryuu

    Best/ Worst(or hardest)/Most Annoying Boss Fights ever

    You know what? You're totally right. How could I forget Hyenard? The boss NEVER SHUTS UP. I attribute it to the same hideous, lazy game design that permeates through the rest of that stupid game. More to the point, I'm sure it's caused by the fact that there are three instances of Hyenard...
  12. Kyouryuu

    DO today's cartoons suck?

    I'm just glad that the dumb card-based anime genre seems to be on the way out. You want to know when things started going downhill? It was when network executives decided they would import and popularize anime instead of creating new material. Yu-Gi-Oh and its clones were rather nauseating...
  13. Kyouryuu

    YouTube Party: Saturday Morning Cartoon Intros

    Oh wow, Picture Pages! Hah, now there's a far back memory. And also, for as much as people like to slam Pee-Wee, Pee-Wee's playhouse is still one of the most imaginative, madcap and eccentric kids shows I've ever seen. It's absolutely surreal. Exactly the kind of show that wouldn't get...
  14. Kyouryuu

    Command and Conquer

    Ack! Tank is coming in! Press X! Press X!
  15. Kyouryuu

    Command and Conquer

    The last C&C game I played was Red Alert 2 and it was great fun. I loved the over the top, deliberate cheese in their cutscenes. I mean, the intro! The intro! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fnd0qg4I_MM "You're throwing you've got at us! We're supposed to be allies, you maniac!" And yet...
  16. Kyouryuu

    The Orange Box

    Well, if you don't have a slow connect, Steam is actually pretty cool. Yes, it absolutely sucked in the beginning, but it has evolved into something quite interesting. The fact that it seeks out updates and patches itself sure beats having to battle the lines or slow download speeds at...
  17. Kyouryuu

    Best use of atmospheric music in any game?

    Still, I think Metroid Prime's music would be better off if they ditched that synthesized male choir in favor of, I don't know, a real choir? It was fine in Metroid Prime, but I was kind of disappointed that the music of Metroid Prime didn't evolve much as the series went on. We can do better...
  18. Kyouryuu

    Best/ Worst(or hardest)/Most Annoying Boss Fights ever

    My vote for most annoying would be Dr. Wily... specifically the one in Mega Man 7 on the SNES. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=faX9Cn6M0bc When you can go into a battle with the password that gives you every weapon, every energy tank, every weapon tank, and a full complement of lives and still...
  19. Kyouryuu

    Video game soundtracks.

    I like video game music too, but there's actually only one game whose music I can listen to anytime, anywhere - Katamari Damacy. Seriously, Katamari Damacy has the happiest soundtrack ever made. You can't help but smile when you hear it! No matter how gloomy you are, one round of Katamari...
  20. Kyouryuu

    The Orange Box

    A hundred hours? That's a really steep comparison. I can't imagine any FPS game having a hundred hours of gameplay. But then, take a good, long look at Oblivion. What do you do in those hundred hours? Mostly pointless little side quests. Lots of filler, like most RPGs, just to buff the...