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    What kind of furry are you?

    All I really do in the fandom is lurk the FA forums and browse the main FA site as well as going on the foxtaur.furnet.org IRC every now and then. I really rarely draw absolutely terrible pictures of animals and things but they're too awful to post.
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    My Bullying Experience, It Does Not Get Better Unless...

    I dealt with a fair amount of (mostly) verbal abuse in middle school. It stopped once I got into high school, mostly since a lot of the dicks that were doing it didn't even pass 8th grade. The others moved to different schools or grew up. I ended up dealing with it partially by getting away from...
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    Delphox, the Pokémon specifically made for furries [discussion]

    I always pick the Fire type starters for my first run of a Pokemon. Ended up getting a fox with a stick jabbed in its tail that it uses like a wand. I don't particularly mind, since Fire/Psychic is cool, but the fuck
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    I just want some advice

    I literally can't do a single creative thing well, but I'm still here. Your talent, or lack thereof, doesn't really matter. Being a furry is a hobby. You don't need to tell anyone or everyone. If you like to read, would you run around and throw books at people? If you really only have one...
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    What do they make of it all?

    Other than fucking around with my tail and making jokes about it, all of my friends are really indifferent to it. Sometimes, I'll get compliments about my tail from people in public (some sincerely, some offensively :V). My parents think it's really silly that I wear around a tail but after a...
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    What is your Diagnosis?

    Can I please quote this in my sig
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    What got you into the furry fandom?

    Sort of just started getting interested in anthro art over a period of a few months or so. The real turning point was when I started obsessing over the design for Mega Ampharos. That absolutely glorious hair~
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    How to not be bored?

    I already have way too many Steam games, but I never end up playing them and I always just play free-to-plays and CS:GO. :V
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    How to not be bored?

    Whenever I *do* try, I pummel myself into a fine dust for being terrible and then just start getting mad at myself. :/ Sounds pretty cool. I'll have to try and read it sometime.
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    How to not be bored?

    I've heard only praise for A Song of Ice and Fire, so that's definitely an option. I wasn't ever really able to get into Harry Potter, though. Never actually heard of The Dark Tower, but I'll check it out. I'd be able to read more if every comfortable reading device I've owned didn't stop...
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    How to not be bored?

    Know any good ones?
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    How to not be bored?

    Fine. :v
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    How to not be bored?

    I've noticed lately that I've been spending the majority of my constantly waning free time just sitting around with nothing to do and nothing that I want to do, as well as no motivation to go do anything remotely useful or productive. Anything that I could do to not be bored?
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    What Do You Hope...

    Not a clue. :/
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    things you just dont understand

    Holy shit. This is my life story right here. Nothing else. Just endless, single-nostril suffering.
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    things you just dont understand

    Thanks for the tip, I'll check it out sometime.
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    things you just dont understand

    The bad part is I'm supposed to get it, since I go to a "smart people" school thing :V I planned on potentially taking an AP Chem course next year, is your situation just an anomaly or is it common? Don't really wanna go and take AP classes if I'm gonna bomb them. :/
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    loadout: what the hell is this game???

    I got a bit of time on Loadout during the closed beta as well as after the full release. It's pretty fun IMO, but it's mostly just 3rd person Call of Duty with absurd health and "muh custumizatiuns". There's an interesting twist on CTF called Jackhammer where the flag is a hammer that you can...
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    things you just dont understand

    For some unknown reason I cannot fucking understand geometry or trigonometry. I'm currently taking a precalculus course and fairly enjoying it as well as getting high grades in it, but I nearly bombed geometry in 8th grade and never really got trigonometry concepts in our precalc course. Numbers...
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    Looking for someone to play some CS:GO Matchmaking in New England-ish

    Hey all. I'm super bored and would like to play some Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Anyone in/near New England (because ping) wanna start a queue for a competitive matchmaking session?