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  1. CyberFox

    Fyrn's Free Request Fracas!

    noted ya^^
  2. CyberFox

    Submission Problem: Folder Missing?

    a freind of mine (missmimicrazy) is having the same problem
  3. CyberFox

    doing sketch requests.

    noted ya
  4. CyberFox

    First time taking requests...

    noted ya a request
  5. CyberFox

    Trades and Requests!

    noted ya a request
  6. CyberFox

    New Artist Taking Requests! (First 8!)

    please do this click link for more details: http://www.furaffinity.net/journal/2163046/
  7. CyberFox

    I'm bored so free art

    you can do this click link for details: http://www.furaffinity.net/journal/2163046/
  8. CyberFox

    (or requests) Anyone intersted?

    noted ya my request
  9. CyberFox

    Doing free art! Request stuff here. :3

    noted ya my request
  10. CyberFox

    Request thread too. Please? [Also yeah free art]

    http://www.furaffinity.net/journal/2136752/ this link will give you the details
  11. CyberFox

    Taking requests

    Noted ya my request
  12. CyberFox

    Free Artings? Sure why not.

    please do this Bert Raccoon shrunken to no bigger then a mouse yet his feet remain normal size Yeah, I know your say it's weird and might reject it due to such but you can add the part of Bert hugging/snuggle his big feet to it (to make it cute/cushion the 'creepiness') references (Bert...
  13. CyberFox

    Port for art!

    I tried Furcadia a very long time ago, The most boring game i have ever played Why? Nobody is on there plus the controls are bad
  14. CyberFox

    Suggest a button idea!

    Here's a neat idea for a button Bert Raccoon standing on brutally beaten Eric Cartman with the slogan "Trend Setters Beware! Nostalgia Conquers All!" references of Bert Raccoon ---------------------------- http://theraccoons.ru/images/eps/ep04/03.jpg...
  15. CyberFox

    Random Requests Thread

    May i casually ask if anyone will kindly do Grams Bear regressed (physically) to Hugs & Tugs's age where she in her now oversized and tad loose pink shawl are playing with Hugs & Tugs (Age Regression)? references ------------- Grams Bear...
  16. CyberFox

    For you :D

    replied to you ;3
  17. CyberFox

    Will ya do it? please? :3

    Will ya do it? please? :3
  18. CyberFox

    For you :D

    I'll take a slot and i already PMed you the info you need