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  1. Radiowires

    The Golden Tether; A Furry RP

    http://goldentether.boards.net/forum In London during the early 1800s there was a town called Allenswood hidden deep within the hill country of England. Surrounded by a lush forest of trees and wild life, Allenswood lived in prosperity under their Governor and the lordship of Sir Concord, a...
  2. Radiowires

    Looking for an artist to work with me in creating my fursona! No Budget!

    I am looking to commission an artist! I have no budget as of right now but I would like to not spend 100$. I can describe her in length and offer images as reference, but I would like the artist to add what they think will be detailed and add character!
  3. Radiowires

    Hello from Austin Texas!

    Hello! I'm from the great city of Austin Texas! The rest of Texas is up for debate. Dallas is okay. I don't have a fursona yet, I'm still designing her. I know that she will be some sort of furry monster. I like smoking, drawing, writing, and training dogs. I'm in the process of becoming a dog...