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  1. DiegoWolfFox

    Anyone going to Megaplex ?

    I am pretty much wondering who will be attending. I be there too and I would love to meet some of you. For those that don't know me I am a British fur living in the UK and this will be my 4th US fur con =)
  2. DiegoWolfFox

    Why are some FA groups banned ?

    I am abit confused, I seen groups being banned.. not like one or Two.. But alot of banned groups on FA.. I am relieved that groups like MetalheadFurs, UKFurs, AmericanFurs etc.. still up.. But just that I don't know why this problem is happening. I am a little curious on what's going on, Any...
  3. DiegoWolfFox

    Hello British fox here :)

    Good morning, Afternoon, Evening etc.. Alot of you know me but I introduce myself to those that don't :) My name is DiegoWolfFox and I am all the way from the South Coast of the UK! I do alot of fursuiting and I been fursuiting since 2002. At the moment I currently own Two.. and I got another...