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  1. Subrosa

    God dam it how do I draw shadows!

    I'm using Photoshop elements 7,(only thing I have to use) and I'm doing fine except I can't figure out how to add basic shadows to my characters, after hours of fiddleing with tools and searching on google all I can find is how to add drop shadows. The effect I want is this, there has to be...
  2. Subrosa

    What to make of this?

    I, really don't know what to make of this sorry if repost/old or wrong section. Edit: more.....apparently one two....what?
  3. Subrosa

    How to meet gay/bi guys in bad areas?

    I've asked a few people for advice and even gone on a couple chans with no real result, I know a fair amount of you are gay so, maybe I could get some decent advice. Where I live isn't' that great, for example our train station was rated the worst in the network for muggings, assault and...
  4. Subrosa


    I'm just glad to find a furry forum that isn't a bunch of kids. I'm 19 (yeh basically a kid myself), currently in uni, I recently got back into bmx biking and recently spent some time in the hospital as a result. I play guitar, I have been for 12 years, I'm heavily into music and have worked...