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  1. Wulfe

    Now streaming!

    I have decided to start streaming since my days and nights have been mixed up. Last time I streamed I went for like 6-7 movies straight. Come join the fun! Wrist cutters a lover story is now playing, and what comes on next has yet to be determined. livestream.com /wulfe2 Sorry if this isnt...
  2. Wulfe

    CONvergence (MN)

    We got any other fellow furrys going to this? I know last year they had a furry meet up but I was a bit to late and a bit to shy to go.
  3. Wulfe


    Okay so i want to get a collar, but being the minor i am, i cannot get one with out telling my parents which...would be kind of weird to me at least (yes i know its a hobby still something i don't want my parents really "knowing" about). So to the question! Is there a way that i could discreetly...
  4. Wulfe

    Hai There =D

    Hello all, newbie here kinda to everything. Found out what a furry was couple months ago and kinda lurking since. Just now deciding to make an account after realizing that i am in fact a furry =^_^=. Kind of a side note but how does one obtain a collar without your parents knowing (I'm 16 no...