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  1. Buccura

    Dirk Wolffang, a furry Wolfenstein 3D style game I made for a DOS themed Game Jam!

    Thanks a ton! If I do make it a bigger game that I market I'd probably want to get actual sprite artists rather than using Hero Forge. I used it simply because I can't draw.
  2. Buccura

    Dirk Wolffang, a furry Wolfenstein 3D style game I made for a DOS themed Game Jam!

    Nope, it's made in Unity and trying to emulate the Wolf3D engine as much as possible. As for animations I basically worked with what I could using Hero Forge. If I do grow this game I'll probably get actual sprite artists, so we can have more glorious gory deaths. And yeah I would like to add in...
  3. Buccura

    Dirk Wolffang, a furry Wolfenstein 3D style game I made for a DOS themed Game Jam!

    Play as the big swol wolf Dirk Wolffang and he fights his way to Commander Ragescales! A Wolfenstein 3D inspired FPS with 4 levels that end with a boss fight! Essentially a proof of concept for the DOS Game Jam that I may expand on one day with more levels, enemies, weapons and a proper story...
  4. Buccura

    Steve Jobs has died

    It's like how a few days ago I showed my friend the movie Pirates of Silicon Valley.
  5. Buccura

    Steve Jobs has died

    I'm a PC. And I am very much saddened by this. He was very much visionary and daring, making the bold move of making Computers for the regular person at a time when the idea was laughed at, and it's because of this that technology is what it is today. I don't act like I know what happens when...
  6. Buccura

    Tommy Wiseau plays Mortal Kombat

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nxp83CimT0w&feature=feedu I... I..... um.... I don't.... I mean.... I.... huh? Stick around until the end to really go "Uh...whoa... I mean... huh?"
  7. Buccura

    GPU Help.

    I think my 9800GT is either dying, dead, or having serious over heating problems. I loaded up Bad Company 2 and when I get into a game, the texture had green flickers all over the screen and seemed to crash. So, I reset the computer and check device manager and it reads the card just fine...
  8. Buccura

    Have you ever noticed...

    That Furoticon and Otacon are very similar sounding?
  9. Buccura

    Random funfact:

    Go my children, spread the word as I have.
  10. Buccura

    Random funfact:

    Two minds blown in one day. Sweet.
  11. Buccura

    Random funfact:

    Perhaps I should post this also in the gaming forums.
  12. Buccura

    Random funfact:

    Did you know that Alésia Glidewell, the model for Chell from Portal, voiced Krystal in Star Fox Assault? The moar you KNOOOOOOOOOOOOW
  13. Buccura

    PC: Bad Company 2 IDs!

    Buccura Seifert
  14. Buccura

    Games with Furries?

    Oi vey, how could you forget the Wing Commander series. For most the series the enemies are anthromorphic cats called Kilrathi.
  15. Buccura

    That's it, time to go home, video games are over folks.

    Why you ask? Because of this. I have to commend this franchise because whenever I try to look at it in a more positive light, it always finds some creative way to make me hate it all over again. This is truly an amazing franchise. On the other hand this would be a very fun game to troll on.
  16. Buccura

    Changing aspect ratios on widescreen monitors

    Guess I am SOL for now until I get a monitor that can change the ratio. I still have a 4:3 monitor right behind this new one that came with the PC, just I hate having the rewire everything just to play older games.
  17. Buccura

    Changing aspect ratios on widescreen monitors

    I have a DVI socket but the monitor is plugged in using a DVI to VGA adapter, I'm assuming that will basically make it run off the VGA without the DVI perks won't it.
  18. Buccura

    Changing aspect ratios on widescreen monitors

    I have a 20' widescreen Dell monitor S2009W and, unlike of course the older monitors, there is no option on the monitor setting to squeeze the image. I've hopped various tech forums, but I am wondering if anyone here knows a way to change the aspect ratio to a standard 4:3 for when I play games...
  19. Buccura


    How the FUCK does this go from talking about Billy Mayes' death to a religious debate?!
  20. Buccura

    I saw X-Men Origins: Wolverine last night

    I thought it was ok, at best. It had some really cool action sequences, but otherwise, it's not something I would see again.