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  1. cronlv16

    Famous Furry Artists

    Ive been part of the fandom now for about 2.5 years. Most would argue that Im not the most versed. Im not one of the people that are in it for some illusion of popularity. I practice my art for the enjoyment of me, my friends and whoever else finds my page. I enjoy positive comments, but even...
  2. cronlv16

    A tail, a lion tail!

    Hi, suiters! Im looking for a lion tail to be made before april 30th. If your interested in taking up the task, post in this thread with a link of your previous work, and Ill check you out. Later we can hit each other up and start working on a contract. 3
  3. cronlv16

    Paint Vs. Photoshop: Ultimate clash~!

    *cling cling shing!!* The rules of the game are simple, Im going to color with paint while someone else colors the same picture with photoshop. The better pic wins. I know paint is going to lose, I just want to compare the two programs. Teh pic!
  4. cronlv16

    Can someone color my face?

    You guessed it, Im a new guy. I would like to make the following picture my Avatar. But... If I want to be taken seriously I thionk that I should get in color. If anyone would like to give a stab at coloring it for me, go right ahead. Credit and awsome points will be given...
  5. cronlv16

    Furry no furry Jutsu?!

    Ok I have no idea how traffic-ed these threads are. I'm not going to be on all day. If you do respond to me, I WILL get back to you, but not as soon as you may expect. I hate to ignore people. I wouldn't necessarily call myself a furry. I am a person who enjoys new things and unusual people...