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  1. Epic496

    Who's hyped for Destiny 2?

    They leaked a poster for Destiny 2! I'm excited for it!
  2. Epic496

    I'm not doing so well

    I feel like the pressure of getting good is getting hard on me.Somehow I can't seem to get good.I'll never be as good as anyone else.
  3. Epic496

    I'm not doing so

    I feel like the pressure of getting good is getting hard on me.Somehow I can't seem to get good.I'll never be as good as anyone else.
  4. Epic496

    Nintendo copyright striking Nintendo Switch reviewers

    This really irks me.I found out that Nintendo is giving copyright strikes to to youtubers that upload any Nintendo Switch related content.One question,what the fuck,Nintendo? you're gonna be an ass to your fans and literally give youtubers copyright strikes all because they want to show some...
  5. Epic496

    Kirby:Planet Robobot Susie's true identity

    We all might have played Kirby: Planet Robobot and I want to get this out.The following contains spoilers so if you don't wanna be spoiled,click out now.For the others,enjoy! We know or don't know Susie,who works as a secretary for Haltmann corporation.However,you might not know her TRUE...
  6. Epic496

    Street Fighter V

    Yup,Street Fighter V might be called the worst fighting game in 2016,but it had a rough start.Capcom released it just so they can use the game for EVO 2016.Now it has a lot of decent content this year.It had a 2016 season pass DLC roster,which included Alex,Guile,Ibuki,Balrog,Juri,and Urien.This...
  7. Epic496

    I'm out of ideas on what to talk about...

    Really,I have absolutely NO idea on what I should talk about.A little help? -3-
  8. Epic496

    Why I left Deviantart

    It's definitely not fun over there.DA staff will ban you if you're caught with art theft and the forums are the fucking worst.There are all kinds of assholes on there when I made a thread about something.That's why I left DA and it's because of rude people on the internet and trolls,even a lot...
  9. Epic496

    Street Fighter V Kolin Reveal Trailer

    Finally,we now get a chance to play as Kolin without a PC mod! I'm so hyped right now!!! :D
  10. Epic496

    My fursona MetroidFan (a bio)

    Name:MetroidFan Age:21 Species:Yellow Kitsune Gender:Male Outfit:Sleeveless green hoodie,camo pants,and combat boots with red fighting gloves Personality:Funny,kind,and a bit mischievous and flirty :3 Likes:Mountain dew,gaming,girls,making friends,and boobs x3 Hates: People that are mean to his...
  11. Epic496

    Looking for girl gamers (or guys) to play with in Minecraft wii u edition

    I have the Discord app so enter my username Metroidfan#0102 and you can also friend me in my Wii U friend list.My channel is also up and running!
  12. Epic496

    Gabe the dog has died

    Yesterday,Gabe the dog has passed away.I did not know about it until now...rest in peace,Gabe the dog...
  13. Epic496

    The most toxic game communities

    Call of duty:Yes,this game community has a lot of hate due to hackers,squeakers,and trolls.That's why I will never play a Call of duty game if these kind of people are online. Dark souls:I know that Dark souls is awesome and it's quite challenging(I actually beat the game but at least I'm not...
  14. Epic496

    Minecraft has sign issues with new update to 1.11

    I noticed that the signs for Minecraft are now showing as "censored".I did some looking and I found out that the signs for the new update are broken and hopefully they patch the signs because it's really annoying to see "censored" all over your signs when you make signs online.
  15. Epic496

    We lost a Star Wars legend...

    We all have lost Carrie Fisher,who played Princess Leia in Star Wars episode IV,V,and VI.She even came back for The Force Awakens.Rest in peace and may the force be with you 1956-2016
  16. Epic496

    Scott Pilgrim vs The World Game Review

    The game for scott pilgrim vs the world is really awesome! I loved the plot that involves the seven evil exes,but the character I REALLY loved was Ramona Flowers.Man,when I first played this game,I just fell in love with her! I'll give Scott Pilgrim vs The World a 10/10.You can find it on PSN or...
  17. Epic496

    Looking for furries to play win in Minecraft wii u edition

    I have Minecraft wii u edition now so friend me if you can.My NNID is MetroidFan59
  18. Epic496

    Talking about the Assassin's Creed movie

    I think this movie is awesome! I'm very glad that Ubisoft decided to make Assassin's Creed a film.Believe me,I have played ALL of the Assassin's Creed games,even Syndicate.To see this game turned into a movie AND have Michael Fassbender star in it is truly worth seeing.I'll give it a 15/10
  19. Epic496

    A special person is here!

    I have a very special guest here with me...