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  1. Sadachar Silvermane


    I used to draw very little, like one picture in a few years. We started a "picture-a-day" challenge in the beginning of this year, and I've seen so much improvement in my own art that I now (after just few months) draw the daily picture and most days one or two pictures on top of that. I just...
  2. Sadachar Silvermane

    Seeking advice from people with more experience!

    So I'm kinda new to the whole art thing still. I practically started drawing in the beginning of this year, but now I'm interested in sharing my art. That's why I joined Fur Affinity! So the thing I need advice with is this: I created my FA account with a different name than what I usually use...
  3. Sadachar Silvermane

    Wow, That's Interesting

    I'm not even a Roman, and I'm fascinated by it. It's bigger than most cities in my country! There was also many advanced ideas used in Rome for their time.
  4. Sadachar Silvermane

    Hello there!

    Thank you!! ^^
  5. Sadachar Silvermane

    Hello there!

    Hi! I just joined the forums, and just recently Fur Affinity as I had an art piece I wanted to share with somebody (NSFW). I've been drawing a lot lately, as we started a challenge in the beginning of the year to draw one image per day. With not much experience of drawing before (maybe drawing...