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  1. Jessica Montana

    Shaded Coms starting at $15

    Open for a few commission spots. I work best with Felines/K9s/Avians/Rodents BUT I will try my hand at anything once. You don't have to read over everything in my ToS/Hours/ect info but please at least give it a quick skim. It has the ToS its self, the rewards program i offer, what I will not...
  2. Jessica Montana

    What do you use for games/animations?

    So stalking the forms I just learned (2 years late ) that flash is ending next year. Just now learning this I feel like I wasted the last 6 months of my life teaching my self how to use it( I have a copy of flash cs4 on my computer because I was/am too cheap to pay for the monthly creative cloud...
  3. Jessica Montana

    Telegram stickers! Save when you bundle!

    Why pay an arm and a leg for a single telegram sticker when you can save by buying a bundle? Simply pick how many of each sticker option you want(listed below and you'll get a bundle discount based on how many stickers you order. Sticker options: Heads: $5 Waist ups: $6 Full bodies: $7 you + a...
  4. Jessica Montana

    Cheap-ish refsheets! starting at $25 !

    I firmly believe ref sheets are a necessity as 9 times out of 10 you need one to commission someone, which is why I don't believe in charging out the butt for them. I offer 2 different types of ref sheets starting at $25 Moderate: $ 25 2 full body views( front,back,side) 2 close ups 2 favorite...
  5. Jessica Montana

    Hiya, I'm new! Sort of XD

    New to the forum but not FA, I've been there for...5 years now I think? Figured it was finally time to join the forums lol Soooo long story short about me, I'm mostly a porn artist, wasted 87 grand on an art degree that does not help in the fandom at all. I'm slowly starting to hord characters...