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  1. Kaffting

    The General Election

    Was sad to see the Lib Dems fail so badly. At least the majority vote is still against Conservatives, hopefully they'll take that into consideration before making any strong decisions. I doubt it though. The spectacle is over and I've stopped caring. Someone alert me when the puppet masters...
  2. Kaffting


    My hair's longer, does that count?
  3. Kaffting

    Furries Online vs. Offline

    I'm more reserved online than off. IRL I talk a lot of shit and am pretty out-going and unafraid to put my point across. Online I'm more relaxed and just avoid situations that could possibly be confrontational, reason being if you get in a debate with someone irl you can see when it's going too...
  4. Kaffting

    What's your internal age?

    Probably around 13. Old enough to realise everything is shit but too distracted by shiny things and boobs to care. Then other days I have mid-life crisis moments and feel 40.
  5. Kaffting

    have you done something and regret it ?

    I regret reading this thread.
  6. Kaffting

    Urban Legends

    Woke up in a bath full of ice with a missing kidney? Proof of a good night out.
  7. Kaffting

    The General Election

    I didn't vote. Briefly thought about voting Lib Dem but couldn't really get my head around my natural dislike of politicians enough to support one of them. I still sort of hope Lib Dem win, they're the only ones who haven't had a go at fucking shit up.
  8. Kaffting


    Plastic parts and glue, doing everything I can do, to build the robots... Was just listening to that when I saw this thread. Robots are awesome. Also any Japanese scientists intending to build AI robots should keep the three laws of robotics in mind. In fact they should just read I, Robot. In...
  9. Kaffting

    Furries making out in Wal-Mart

    Some people are hopelessly retarded.
  10. Kaffting

    T.V. shows that you feel embarrassed for following.

    Bwahaha. :evil: S'alright, I'll probably make a point to watch it soon now that someone's confirmed it's good.
  11. Kaffting

    T.V. shows that you feel embarrassed for following.

    I haven't seen that one yet. Not following it as obsessively as I used to now that he's not taking acid to get rid of headaches and etc. The one where House learns to cook and is pretty much acting as a housewife to Wilson was pretty lol too.
  12. Kaffting

    Herro peoplez

    Haha. And the female just lets him anyway?
  13. Kaffting

    Herro peoplez

    I am disappoint. >:
  14. Kaffting

    Herro peoplez

    Where? Where?! IT WILL BE MINE, WHATEVER IT IS. None for you. >=[
  15. Kaffting

    Herro peoplez

    You're derailing my derail from the original derail. >=[
  16. Kaffting

    Herro peoplez

    Stuffed animals = animal equivalent to blow up dolls One of my cats has a habit of carrying around stuffed toys, cleaning them and treating them as if they were kittens. Schizo-cat. Oh, that doesn't have to do with animal sex. >:
  17. Kaffting

    Herro peoplez

    Successful derail is successful. Cats are worse. The sounds they make are terrible. STFU you horny feline bitchez, trying to sleep!
  18. Kaffting


    He went to the funeral so no one would think it was him. Conspiracy'd. But no, I don't actually know/care. It wasn't my leader that got shot.
  19. Kaffting

    Is Reality T.V. actually becoming useful?

    Personally I miss Scare Tactics. Though I don't even own a TV any more, not the point. >.>
  20. Kaffting

    T.V. shows that you feel embarrassed for following.

    Probably because House is freaking awesome. Though the newest episodes are a bit stale. It's just not the same without him popping pills and obsessively looking for insane ways to get high.