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  1. chromi

    Wyvern comparison sheet

    Sounds like a fantastic project I would love to collaborate on! Examples: <3
  2. chromi

    Looking For Artists! Show Me What You Got!

    Hey very cool design : ) i have info here and would love to draw the character! message me or email me to talk!!
  3. chromi

    Flat colored full body (Fit female-ish rabbit, $30~40 --- CLOSED)

    Hi! I love drawing bunnies and would love to do this comm for you! I can send you WIPs for revisions as I go, with an overall timeframe of 1-2 weeks most likely, depending on speed between replies :33 Check out my art on my tumblr and basic comm details below!
  4. chromi

    looking to commission someone for a drawing of my sona.(closed)

    Hey! love the character (and the breed itself hah!). Depending on price and timeframe, I can offer a few different colouring styles and levels of detail :33 feel free to message me and we can talk it over!
  5. chromi

    Looking for artists to do sketches ($15 - $40)

    Hi! can do sketch pages (traditional or digital) of varying detail depending on your price! I'll email you! <3
  6. chromi

    Looking for Artist!

    Can do! $45 would cover basic rendered style like in example below :) Depending on your preferences, the timeframe would probably be 1-3 weeks. Style example:
  7. chromi

    [CLOSED] Semi-Realistic Bust Portrait(s); Human Character - $100 +/-

    Hi! My examples are a little more toony but I can do more realistic if preferred. Message me! check out more on my tumblr!
  8. chromi

    Wedding artwork, two characters, up to $100-150

    Hi! Sounds like a lovely gift. Posting some examples of style that are non furry to give you a feel for what colouring and refining will be like. :) Prices will vary depending on the level of detail you want! And deadlines are negotiable. check out more of my work on my tumblr.!
  9. chromi

    Looking to commission a SFW fullbody pic and maybe an icon~!

    Hi! I'd love to draw your pretty OC! Your budget fits my prices nicely + I can have it done within 1-3 weeks depending on details you prefer. commission info here or message me!!