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  1. Dan.

    About that UK Cartoon Law thing..

    Now, it has just came to my attention that apparently it is illegal for users in the UK to go on this site due to law which forbids any drawing of a person under 18 in a sexual situation. Mostly the babyfur stuff.... Now I don't have an account on the main site neither do I have any wish to...
  2. Dan.

    My Fursona

    Well over 100 posts now and I just realise that I hahn't told people my Fursona yet. *facepaws* Name: Dan Age: Sometime in his teens Sex: Male Species: Urban Fox Height: Exact height not none, quite small Appearance - Hair and fur: His fur is a bit more yellow than red, weird shade of...
  3. Dan.

    Reasons why you want/have a fursuit?

    I was just wondering this the other day, why do you want/have a fursuit? In order for this thread to work only post if this only applies to you, try not to derail it or turn it into a flame war. Anyway, for me I am kinda' shy and don't like to express myself that much, I also think that...
  4. Dan.


    Ummm........ I'm new to this whole furry thing; but I decided to make an account instead of lurking. I lost my sanity a long time ago so you don't have to worry about that! :p Hi!