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  1. Ariaxu

    Comissions (selling) - zbrush sculpts / 3D art / digital paintings(dogs)

    Yoo So basically my job finished and I have fallen into a bit of a financial pickle and i really need to get some money for rent. Normally 3d art i guess isnt as popular for comission due to the fact that it takes 20000 hours to make but hey, I mostly offering zbrush sculpt comissions, starting...
  2. Ariaxu

    Canine World -big dump (2d/3d art)

    I wish! I actually was writing my bachelor thesis on LACK OF ANIMAL/ANTHRO GAMES D: but no - I can't program anything other than moving doors :( but I'd love to work on some AAA animal rpg one day :d
  3. Ariaxu

    Why are there SO MANY canine furries?

    Because canines are just very popular in western cultures. Not to mention dogs have so maaaany different shapes, colours to choose from. Also, as someone mentioned before, they're the cutest.
  4. Ariaxu

    Canine World -big dump (2d/3d art)

    But were is the 3d you might ask? Well, here are some environment concepts for the houses~and exteriors And stuff put together inside UnrealEngine. Here is some very early version: and progress~~ and heres Miles zbrush sculpt, its far from finished.. but clothes turned out to be really...
  5. Ariaxu

    Canine World -big dump (2d/3d art)

    Here is some more room designs/character development. Lily sneaks up on sleeping Miles. He's been workng all night~ He's interested in alchemy. Basically studying and reading books and magic and also hoarding stuff
  6. Ariaxu

    Canine World -big dump (2d/3d art)

    Hello~ I decided to post my personal project. Basically it's a dog inhabited world, many races, but main focus here is one village where Border Collies live. Main character is Miles and his friend Lily, theyre both around ~12/13 in human years - so children. I have some ideas about the story...
  7. Ariaxu

    Traditional sketches commissions - from 5$ to 10$ ~

    I really like doing these but i guess my watchers prefer my digital works ~:v Dont have much time for digitals now but id love to do some traditional sketches >w< Prices vary depending on character design and stuff :3 Feral - 5-7$ Anthro - 10$ (anthros take me more time) My chars (the...
  8. Ariaxu

    What was the most f*cked up movie you've ever seen in your life?

    mr nobody the worst most boring movie ever ever ever watched it with a friend and almost died
  9. Ariaxu

    The Pokemon Thread

    haha well yeah but they arent instantly mega evos in battles (i guess?) like you gotta transform then and prob most of the time i wouldnt bother.. :<
  10. Ariaxu

    The Pokemon Thread

    dont have new pokemon games yet, but im just so upset with the number of new pokes added its usually around 150 :(( i know they added mega evos.. but they kinda dont count since theyre battle-only :<<< SO SAD *yet i still want the game so bad)
  11. Ariaxu

    I dont seem to get along with other artist...

    what do you mean you dont get along? how are artists different as a people than.. well other people? unless you approach them with 'hi can we be friends so i can get free art' attitude i dont see a problem :P dont have any art friends myself, but thats because i know none irl, and all my...
  12. Ariaxu

    How did you learn to draw?

    never practised enough, never went to art school just drew some shitty dog like things and dragons during lessons maybe thats why i suck at anatomy :v
  13. Ariaxu

    im so bored i could die

    Actually i went to read that http://en.wikifur.com/wiki/Furry clarifies things a bit :D thanks everyone~
  14. Ariaxu

    What Would You Do If You Met Your Fursona?

    It would probably murder me. Just because. its quite hostile i guess ;_;
  15. Ariaxu

    im so bored i could die

    dang then its me :O though im not good at drawing anthros... yet?! :<
  16. Ariaxu

    im so bored i could die

    hehe i've seen that, ive been around for a bit, just new to FFA by not being a furry i meant.. like um im not into wearing fursuits etc irl :3
  17. Ariaxu

    im so bored i could die

    i want to leave this club :< and well im not um technically a furry, hmm, could say that my fursona is a wolf (feral) though its more like, i enjoy animal art a lot anddd ffa has lots to offer! and hmm cant really write stories... i did some pokemon fanfics when i was younger but god they were...
  18. Ariaxu

    Is drawing anthros/furries a specialised skill in art?

    Well drawing anthros isnt a special skill TOUGH i can say basing on my own experience - i draw mostly ferals or HUMANS, and yesterday i did my first anthro character andddd she looked a bit too much like human on the other hand, when im provided wth a ref for the anthro character i have no...
  19. Ariaxu

    im so bored i could die

    hello~ im suffering from 'too much time because i have no job' thats why i registered here obviously currently i study (not art sadly), play games, eat and sit at home bored as hell maybe ill just read every single post on these forums HMMMMM? what else do people write here hi etc