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  1. sonartoo

    Funny Image needed

    So during AC this idea came to mind. I need this character... http://www.furaffinity.net/view/8039579/ Sitting with another character (yet to be chosen) And drinking tea. So like one of those round tables at tea time. Also he needs to look proper and everything, but not loose the...
  2. sonartoo

    Streaming $10 Commissions 5/23 start 8pm

    Alright I will be doing these again Today at 8pm eastern time I will be doing some stream commissions... I will be broadcasting through tiny chat here http://tinychat.com/sonartoo I may be doing it on join me today so yall can see better. If I do I will let ya know. The...
  3. sonartoo

    AC Pre-Order Badges

    Hey all, I am taking a few AC Pre-order Badges. I am only offering one style at the moment, but it is my best style of badge. Just check out my auctions. http://www.thedealersden.com/auction_details.php?name=huggle-badge-ac-pick-up-available&auction_id=109914
  4. sonartoo

    Help a TV series with a Lion of the Sun suit happen

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PSHCp7D_6As&hd=1 http://www.pozible.com/index.php/archive/index/4813 go go go.. It truely seems worth it. I am sure every Donation helps
  5. sonartoo

    $1 Grab Bag Art commission

    So you give me a dollar. and a reference pic and I will draw. Plane and simple. You don't get to decide anything about the piece. If I like the drawing enough I may color it. Or ink it. But you may just get a sketch. examples of potential results...
  6. sonartoo

    Need and Owl Artist

    Looking for someone to draw me an Owl. I have this female snowy owl character that i would like to have drawn. If it isn't too much I would also like her father drawn. though her father, while also being a snowy, is not white. his feathers are black. They are both black smiths but he...
  7. sonartoo

    Tauren Fursuit for Sale AC pickup

    Hey everyone, I have a fursuit that is just sitting around and I would like to let it go to a new home. It is a tauren(cow) fursuit that will fit someone 5 ft 3 in and around 180 lbs. I can make minor alterations. A new set of hooves will be made for the best offer. I already have one offer...
  8. sonartoo

    AC Con Starter Kit Commission

    Hey there All. Around all the fursuits I have for Anthrocon 2010 I wanted to take a few art commissions. Gonna take 4 of these. for $50 you get 1 character ref sheet, 2 conbadges, and 1 8x10 peice all to be delivered at AC on either friday or saturday. Most likely Friday. So let me know if...
  9. sonartoo

    $5 AC Badges

    Gonna take 20 of these. Will work on them at night when I am too bored to fursuit but to awake to go to bed. These will be laminated and come with a clip. Paypal upfront free AC pick up. Badges will be either full body or bust shot (I pick because of the price) and feature the characters...
  10. sonartoo

    Seeking Steam Punk Costume Maker

    I am currently in the market for a steam punk costume made according to a design I have worked out. http://i7.photobucket.com/albums/y269/sonartoo/jynellpunkcomm.jpg http://i7.photobucket.com/albums/y269/sonartoo/Picture2.png this will also require a corset as while the character is male...
  11. sonartoo

    Last Minute Valentines $20

    Hey all, Last minute Valentines are now available. Just $20 and you get a digital full color of you and your significant other with a bit of a background to be done before Sunday. I will take 5 of these. These will be done in a slightly simpler style but I ensure you will enjoy the finished...
  12. sonartoo

    Bamboo Fun tablet

    It still has the box and everything it came with. I have a new tablet that was a gift from my fiance so i thought i would offer this up to the rest of you fine artists. $150 is what I am asking. May negotiate down. Let me know what ya'll think
  13. sonartoo

    $5 ICONS

    Hey there. $5 Icons done in the same style as my own, and $15 conbadges about 4-5 inches tall marker colored and laminated also done in the same style as my icon. Please I really need some commissions. I am getting bored out of my mind doing my own art all the time. Taking 30 of the...
  14. sonartoo

    $2-$8 microbie commissions

    http://www.furaffinity.net/journal/1158346/ info on that journal. keep an eye out for updates on these microbies
  15. sonartoo

    Anthrocon Room Mates

    Hey all. I am looking to get my list of roomies for Anthrocon before they open the registration for the rooms. I will be reserving my room at the Westin. Once the room is reserved I will ask for the first part of your room payment as they charge a one day deposit for the room. We will be...
  16. sonartoo

    Fursuit Commission (Discounted)

    I need some money so I am discounting my fursuits down to my old prices Partials start at $450 Fulls start at $750 The base price is two colors. For a partial you will have to pay in full. For a full suit you will need to put half down. You will be placed in my que and then your fur...
  17. sonartoo

    Character Hats Commission

    I am going to be opening for Hat commissions as soon as I am done with these next two hats. They will be custom face hats or none face hats. Here is the current example http://www.furaffinity.net/view/3244037 None Face Hats - $15 Face Hats - $25 Face Hats (3 or more colors) - $35...
  18. sonartoo

    $10 paint chat commissions

    Hey want a paint chat commission. Just go here... http://chat.artspots.com/ i am in paintchat room 1. They are full color commissions done as you watch. I think i may only be able to take on 2 or 3 tonight. I am on now will take one right away then go eat and take another two for the...
  19. sonartoo

    Pokemon Battle Go!!!

    yeah so if you want to battle me on pokemon my friend tag is... Spirit 2536 2809 2424 my pokemon are lv 49-51 so please plain accordingly. and let me know your pal code.
  20. sonartoo

    50 $10 inked illustrations

    right so i am gonna take some 10 dollar inked commission pages. These are done in traditional coloring book style resembling this image http://www.furaffinity.net/view/2716637 for just $10 bucks you could get one character with a background fully inked. Please keep it reasonable...