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  1. Fopfox

    Really shitty dreams you think are real

    I used to have issues with sleepwalking and sleep paralysis. The former of which, I would actually dream about the sleepwalking session while doing it, and of course, the latter is basically a waking dream/nightmare, usually the latter. Lately though, I have had normal dreams, but I have an...
  2. Fopfox

    Writing from a furry POV

    I'm going to be writing from a furry POV for the first time soon. Normally in my furry stories, I write from a human POV because, as a human, I have the most experience with it. I don't like to write different species as if they were entirely the same as humans because they certainly wouldn't...
  3. Fopfox

    Anthros you like VS Animals you like

    (As in liking animals as pets or their natural personality. This is not a zoophile thread...) I noticed that my taste in furries is actually at odds with animals I like in real life. For example, I love canine furries, but in real life I don't really like canines. I love foxes, like wolves...
  4. Fopfox

    First Erotic Story

    I don't know how much views this will get on this forum, but I want to ask. I wrote my first erotic story. I have never really written explicit sex before. I wanted to know what people thought, whether I'm doing it right or not. Two Princes, One Girl, One Thief: www.furaffinity.net: Two...
  5. Fopfox

    Good stories to learn from/Your biggest influence

    What story/novel have you learned the most from? For me it would be Gene Wolfe's Book of the New Sun and Book of the Long Sun (Short Sun is great too, but I don't think the narrative risks he takes in it paid off as well as in the others.). They are by far the most well-crafted narratives in...
  6. Fopfox

    Travel Thread

    This is just a topic where we can give advice about travelling or people can ask questions. I used to be really sedentiary but recently I've gotten itchy feet and can't help but constantly plan for travelling, it'd be really nice if I could hear other people's experiences and share my own. My...
  7. Fopfox


    I'm not really active in the fandom at all and don't understand most things about it, but I do like furry stuff. What can I say? I write as a hobby, I hope to make it a profession. I intend to do some casual furry works on the side for fun which I will upload here. I lurked for awhile, but...