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  1. TwistTail

    Fursona height extremes

    My current fursona is about 5' 10" because that's how tall I'd like to be, yet still just a touch shorter than the guy in the US. I only play super tall furs(7ft+) when they're some kind of feral or werewolf thing simply because I'm most comfortable with being shorter. I'm only 5' 4" IRL so...
  2. TwistTail

    Does a vamp count as a fursona?

    I usually think of vampires as a condition of being rather than a species. You can be a human who happens to be a vampire or you could be a fox that happens to be a vampire. The latter is a furry to me but the former is not. But I agree that you should play what you like, regardless if...
  3. TwistTail

    Suggested Art Program?

    I personally use Photoshop but I've recently become interested in trying Sai. I've also used GIMP in the past(which is free). Photoshop and Sai are nice because there are a number of free resources like brushes and tutorials to be found.
  4. TwistTail

    Help me to draw a fursona(naga)

    There are a couple of different ways you can go about this. If you're just wanting to flesh out an idea you could do a search on furaffinity or another art site for free to use line-art to get an idea for colors/hair/designs. A search of the furaffinity site for 'naga line art' brought up a...
  5. TwistTail

    What's the deal with you?

    My fursonas are usually "normal" colors like brown but sometimes I do design them with wilder colors like turquoise and pale green because I like the colors. If I want a character to stand out I do it with markings because a billion furries have aqua color tongues but not all of them have the...
  6. TwistTail

    Kinda New

    My favorite is probably donuts with sprinkles on them or chocolate glazed custard filled donuts. My second favorite would probably be anything that comes with queso. I would totally nap every day but then I wouldn't have time to do anything else! Thanks fo the welcome!
  7. TwistTail

    Kinda New

    Just figured I'd at least introduce myself before I went off to lurk more. I joined so I'll have people to talk to about fursonas and fursona design as I like to draw. My goal is to maybe make some friends and learn better techniques for art and design. I'm a guy who likes to make doodles and...
  8. TwistTail

    Your fursona?

    My current fursona is a coyote/mutt/red deer hybrid though I'm looking into changing him somewhat. I've mostly always had canine type fursonas(wolf, coyote, or dog) though I did once have a tiger/dragon which was awesome looking but ultimately not me. His name changes frequently but he's...