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  1. vivatheshadows


    Just wondering is there any movie that you want to see that is out or coming out? I went and saw Star Trek so im all excited from it sooo yeahh. I also want to see Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen
  2. vivatheshadows


    Shot in the dark i know but does anyone know of any fur meets in the Sacramento or Concord areas here in California?
  3. vivatheshadows

    The whole genetic furry thingy

    so people have been talkin bout genetic furries and i have been wondering: The body replicates all facets of itself using a specific genetic code, DNA as we all know (if we paid attention in biology) But if some doctor were to create a new genetic code and injected someone with it and made it...
  4. vivatheshadows

    What is your view on love?

    hey /b/ uhh i mean FA, with VD come and gone, i was wondering what is your view on love? Like love between a man and a woman, a man and a man or a woman and woman Personally i see it as Love hasnt a boundary as simple as gender, i couldnt care less about the sex but its the person in my view...
  5. vivatheshadows

    Will YOU be ready???

    When Bananas take over the world will you be ready? personally i welcome our new Musa overlords! (Musa is the Genus that bananas belong to)
  6. vivatheshadows

    Do you have a deep relationship with your animals?

    this is something i've been wondering. Do you guys have an understanding with your companions (i dont like the term pets). But this goes deeper than love like can you understand them and their body language, and do they understand you? and no i aint talkin bout beastiality or anything like...
  7. vivatheshadows

    Would you get a tail?

    Now im sure countless others have asked this but i havent seen any other threads so ima ask it anywayz. In such an advanced society with Stem cell research and the like if somewhere on down the road it were legalized and then became a cosmetic surgery practice and actually fairly cheap (body...
  8. vivatheshadows

    What Music do furries mainly listen to?

    i want to see what kind of music do furries mainly listen to (if you could even classify such a thing with certainty) But i wonder, Rock? Techno? Rap? Blues? R&B? Classical? etc. or is it that you are eclectic and will listen to whatever. Personally i LOVE Classic Rock and Roll like Zeppelin...
  9. vivatheshadows

    What if we found a furry planet????

    what would you do if we found a planet inhabited with nothing but Anthro's?