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  1. ThisisGabe

    FAU7 Room Wanted

    Hey! I'm a clean respectful laided back cat! =D Any space for FAU7?
  2. ThisisGabe

    Get a free picture with a feral female feline!

    Hi! My name is Khord Kitty! Just yesterday I purchased a 55 picture art slave commission. I have 39 more picture ideas I need to send the artist. I want to try something new. I want to see if I could make a picture with a fursona I don't know and see what fun ideas I can come up with using the...
  3. ThisisGabe

    Art Question

    So, someone took my request of my fursona on a stream. They posted it on their FA. I posted the picture of me on my FA. This wasn't against the artists TOS. The artist stated that I need to ask permission to post art of my fursona if it was made by someone else. I told her it my character was...
  4. ThisisGabe

    Looking for Furry Drummer

    I'm a part of the chronically inactive band: www.furaffinity.net/user/furries-from-outer-space We have produced 0 music since we were formed 3 years ago. That's because we haven't found a single drummer who could send out a drum track. Basically we're an online band where every part send out...
  5. ThisisGabe

    Looking for Furry roommates in the forum! $550 rent to live in Manhattan

    http://www.furaffinity.net/user/thisisgabe http://www.furaffinity.net/user/djravi/ http://www.furaffinity.net/gallery/meganovav1/ http://www.furaffinity.net/user/tank50us/ and a folfie live here! Come join us! Info: http://www.furaffinity.net/journal/3217041/ We've lived here for 3 months!
  6. ThisisGabe

    Want to join a furry household?

    I'm setting up one! Move in date, 12/1, rent will be $312 and there will be 7 tenants in 4 bedrooms. Be comfortable with sharing a bedroom, it will be in upper manhattan! Contact me ASAP or reply if interested!
  7. ThisisGabe

    Where do I find furry roommates (Not for con!)

    I'm looking for furry roommates for the summer! I don't care where, just anywhere but here! I'm not sure where to look or where to post. But this seems like a nice place.
  8. ThisisGabe

    I wanna write the music to a furry musical

    Where do i find a writer?
  9. ThisisGabe

    Meh Fursonas

    Fursona 1: Khord Kitty Female white feral shorthair werekitty. First form is a male human named Chris who's an asshole, but he gets what's coming to him when he gets transformed! Khord is not totally feral, as she can talk and be self-aware. I used to worry that it wasn't a fursona because...
  10. ThisisGabe

    Con Skit Idea

    I want some feed back. I have an idea for a skit! Say if someone performs the song "I Wish I Were" by Da Vinci's Notebook and then fursuiters, in their respective costumes act out the lyrics? Recording Lyrics
  11. ThisisGabe

    What do the big boys use?

    Is there any info out there about what programs were used for songs on the billboard charts?
  12. ThisisGabe

    Music is art! Free music!

    EDIT!!! ALL SLOTS ARE FULL I wanna try something new for this forum! Free art...istic music requests! I'm a music composition student with an idea. Bear with me! Give me any details about the instrumentation, if it's with vocals or no vocals.. ect.. I have audacity, adobe audition, sibelius 6...
  13. ThisisGabe

    FC 2010 News Video

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sjCCKOxvrtA Just uploaded
  14. ThisisGabe

    Doing Yiffy RPs w/someone on the other end of the 18YO line

    in order words, underage people RPing with UPPERage people. Wrong/right? Why? DISCUSS .. a friend told me yesterday it was ILLEGAL..
  15. ThisisGabe

    Wanna Skype?

    There is a massive furry community on skype! I made this thread to increase my contacts and build bridges!
  16. ThisisGabe

    Made 1 furry picture ever.. NOW REQUEST ME!

    CLOSED: Made 1 furry picture ever.. NOW REQUEST ME! CLOSED FOR MORE REQUESTS.. THANKS YALL, i DO WHAT I CAN :3 I'm anthrotarded. I don't know how to draw them. I made my first sketch here: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/1562108 I haven't made any more. But I WANT TO MAKE SOMETHING!!! Give me...
  17. ThisisGabe

    Roundtable of Anthropomophic Pals Embracing Skype

    or "R.A.P.E.S." is a idea that I feel would be fun. :p So, on a serious note, I personally have a lot of social anxiety... I never knew why. But not long after saying a "howdie" to iBolt, he invited me to join Skype. Through it he grabbed several other friends of his and had a random, impromptu...
  18. ThisisGabe

    Random Idea: Furry Jams on Skype

    .. ok. the backstory: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I started using Skype yesterday and I'm TOTALLY addicted now. The first time I used it it was in a room of about 6-7 furries and everyone was just talking about random stuff... it was so... SOO fun. being someone .. who doesn't really...
  19. ThisisGabe

    hi, i'm khordkitty! this is my FURSONA DEBUT

    .. and forum debut. Hi, I'm just starting make posts here and I thought I'd say hey. my real name is gabe and I'm a MUSICIAN. http://www.furaffinity.net/user/thisisgabe I hope to get to know everyone better! ~~~~ LINK FIXED!