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  1. Yastreb

    Language furs

    I couldn't find any general language threads except really old ones so here's a new one. I can't be the only language fan here. Do you like learning languages? Are you into constructed languages, maybe even making them yourself? Let's talk about anything language-related in this thread! :) I...
  2. Yastreb

    Main Site Daylight saving time

    When I check the "Apply Daylight saving time correction" box in my account settings it just adds one hour to my time regardelss of whether DST is actually in effect currently. Are we really supposed to manually go check that box in the spring and uncheck it again in the autumn or is this a bug?
  3. Yastreb

    Scam calls

    Just the other day I got a call from an unfamiliar number. I don't usually have to deal with many scammers because mostly they call from abroad I just don't answer. This time, however, it was a domestic number and I thought it could be something important. Instead the caller was a woman who...
  4. Yastreb

    What browser should I use?

    I would like some advice on choosing the best browser for mobile (Android). Until now I have been using Firefox. I don't know if I'm doing something wrong, but it crashes really often, especially if I have many tabs open. Also my browsing experience is not as smooth as back when I was still...
  5. Yastreb

    New to FA

    Hi everyone, you can call me Yastreb. I am a male Finnish furry in my 20s. I have been a furry for maybe three years, though most of time not active in the community. I didn't even realize I was a furry at first. I don't have a fursona, but my favourite species is raccoon. My other interests...