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  1. Nekomimi

    Looking For Large Anthro Doll!

    Hey! I've been thinking...and, I decided I would really be interested in a large doll/plushie of my fursona, Juneau. I would like it to be 32"-yes, I know that's very tallXD. I was also wondering if anyone makes anthro dolls that have clay/porcelain paws and faces or something similar to that...
  2. Nekomimi

    DEATH: Are You Afraid to Die? What type of after-life do you think you'll have?

    Well...I guess this is a pretty dumb question by the looks of it, well, of course most are afraid to die... But, as the title states, are you afraid to die? Some people think there's a heaven, or a hell, or you're reincarnated and on and on-but what do you believe will happen when you die? I...
  3. Nekomimi

    Who's YOUR Favorite Fursuiter?

    So I've been saving up money and researching various fursuiters-and their all great-but I just can't decide on one that I might want to order from. So, I gave a few options in the poll above, but if I haden't listed one of your favorite fursuiters please post below. Thanks!:3
  4. Nekomimi

    Retractable Claws

    This is pry my 3rd thread I made in a week or so...but my curiosity is to such a level I have to post this thread. I've been surfing the web for more than a month looking for a fursuiter that would maybe make fursuit paws that somehow incorperate retractable claws-or claws that can go out and...
  5. Nekomimi

    Hands Free Moveable Ears!

    Hey! I just thought I'd share something I think is pretty cool. While looking for a good pair of ears and a tail, I cam across a video on youtube of a guy with these ears that are attached to fishing lines and a harness so that they move according to how you move-hands free. In a complete...
  6. Nekomimi

    How to be myself at school?

    Hi! So...I'm probably the biggest dork at my school. Not the cutsie dork, either. I'm not one of those hot teenage girls that wear those nerd glasses and call themselves dorks cuase' they think it's cute. Oh, no. I'm just a dork. But, I want to wear my hair scene and die it dark with...
  7. Nekomimi

    Artist Needed

    Hi! Though I love to draw, I'm looking for someone who is willing to draw an reference sheet for me for free..maybe for those who are seeking experience and practice (like me). I don't have any ref sheets of my fursona (that's why I need one), but I can describe her as best as I can. Name...
  8. Nekomimi

    How to Post Art in Gallery

    Hi! How would you post art in the gallery? It says something about a form needing to be confirmed if you are under 17, but does anyone know where the form is? I need to post some art that I made for a few people and have already delayed for a day or so, so any quick help?:) Thanks...
  9. Nekomimi

    Free Art!

    Hello! Art is closed but I will complete and have all the requests done and posted tomorrow (below). Cloudy Tuss Rayo Fenrari Rai Catilda Zweihander Kuragari Steamtrain Yesim (Almost done about to post some) :) Thanks!:)
  10. Nekomimi

    Deciding on Your Fursona

    Hi! I'm having problems with deciding my fursona. I was a snow leopard, then a caracal, then a cat, tiger, lion, lion-tiger hybrid and so many others I can't remember. I want to settle my fursona becuase I want to (eventually) commision a fursuit and I'll definitely need to know my final...
  11. Nekomimi

    Any Furry TV Shows or Movies?

    Hi! I was wondering if anyone knew of any good furry TV shows or movies? (No yiff) The closest I've gotten was Mew Mew Power...but that's not really furry.XD So if you know of any feel free to post em' here. :grin: Thanks! :) ~Nekomimi~
  12. Nekomimi

    Sick of People...