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  1. Skychickens

    Not Just Illustration

    Hello guys! Finishing a recent needlepoint project had me thinking. What kinds of artwork do you do that’s not just traditional or digital drawings/paintings? I personally also sculpt, embroider, and write. Have been working on expanding my FA portfolio to include these things too.
  2. Skychickens

    Tablet suggestions?

    So I have a Huion Pro610 and when it works, it's great. Suits my needs perfectly well. When it works. I have done literally everything recommended of it. Uninstalled drivers, reinstalled from the website with the firewall down. Unplugged, replugged, used different USB ports, reset computer...
  3. Skychickens

    What do you call fish sonas?

    My wife finally admitted she by all definitions, is also a furry. But in her words "but you can't have an octopus fursona. It's not furry." I took this as a challenge, but I suddenly realize I have no idea what you'd call cetacean sonas...any ideas?
  4. Skychickens

    Daily Dose of Pawsitivity

    I’m a sucker for little doses of positivity and bad puns. So I thought it would be fun to pull a thread together for your daily dose of pawsitivity! Feel free to post things as often as you’d like, positive stories or pictures or anything.
  5. Skychickens

    Opinions of "Soft Furs"

    You know the furs/characters/etc where they're mostly human with a few small animal traits? I was just wondering what people thought of them. I have a handful of characters like that and I should really draw them more...but anyway. For me it depends on the style/setting. Sometimes I prefer...
  6. Skychickens

    PSN game data transfer question

    So you know how some old games had an option in their sequel to take savegame data from old games and give you perks in the new one? Example: Fable 2 you could get equipment from your Fable savefile. Well one of my favorite games on the planet is almost impossible to get a hard copy of, same...
  7. Skychickens

    What are they made out of?

    So a dumb comment to my wife when she walked away from a picture I'm not allowed to see yet ended up with "You're made out of evil and cyanide!" and that sparked me being weird in LPW again. And sparked this game! What is the user above you made out of? Use at least two things!
  8. Skychickens

    LV - AMA

    In the middle of the forest lies a small cottage. Kudzu creeps over the sides, yet the stonework remains well intact. Nearby are some strange plants growing, various herbs and vegetables intermingled with flowers and diabolic looking ferns. There is a small creek flowing a short distance away...
  9. Skychickens

    What do you rule?

    Ah. We are the royalty of the world. We rule! However, in order to make good ties with the world around us, we need to know our neighbors and surrounding territories. For example, some of you know I won independence and reestablishment of Mustelidia, my home country due to peaceful...
  10. Skychickens

    Useless facts

    There’s this thing I do when I am beyond sleepy. It’s spew random facts. Considering I keep doing it in LPW I thought it would make a fun thread over here. So what are some useless facts you know? I’ll start with one. Bananas are berries, where strawberries are aggregate fruits.
  11. Skychickens

    Adding long hair?

    I plan on working on my first fursuit...if/when I ever have spare money to get the materials. So in the meantime I’m living off tutorials and practicing my stitching. It’s going to be a long term project and my family is pitching in to help as they love supporting my art projects. Materials make...
  12. Skychickens

    The Recipe Thread

    I love baking and cooking and now that I’m home all the time I get to do these things often. I’m sure plenty of other furs have recipes they like too and I thought it would be nice to have a place to share them. They can be your own recipes, family recipes, or just recipes you found. They can...
  13. Skychickens

    Dontchya Wish You Had...

    So I was technically a hair late playing this in LPW but. It sounds fun larger scale! What you do is post something cool you have. That’s it. Make the other furs jealous of your cool stuff. Dontchya Wish You Had Cats Like Mine?!
  14. Skychickens

    Is your sona... (ROUND 2)

    Oh boy do I have lots of silly questions. Talk to me! I love these sorts of questions and seeing what people come up with. Feel free to add your own too! Round One Is your sona based on your favorite animal? Is your sona the same gender as you? Is your sona the same age as you? Is your sona...
  15. Skychickens

    Sudden Art Inspirations

    Have you ever ran into something that either had a really similar art style to you, just with a little more? Ever ran into an art style so DIFFERENT from yours you just HAD to make something similar? For me I once saw this amazing pony artist. They did lineless art that looked like cut out...
  16. Skychickens

    Weird hobbies

    Not counting this one. You know. Being a furry. Or yiff. If we allowed those we’d all be posting that. ;) What kind of hobbies do you have your friends, family, or even the fandom seems to think is weird. One of my main ones is I’m a pretty avid aquarist. I used to have five fish tanks but I...
  17. Skychickens

    Just a case of mistaken identity.

    Oh boy. Some of us just have designs for characters or sonas that get mistaken time and time again as something it’s not. I often get my sona mistaken as an otter or a cat. It’s kinda amusing. I’ve seen others out there have worse cases of mistaken identity though. What has your experience...
  18. Skychickens

    Herbal Remedies

    I was babbling about this in another thread and realized it is actually something pretty fascinating to me. As someone who has a lot of dumb issues, sometimes I just prefer a more herbal approach to things and wanted to share. For example: I make a salt scrub for my skin that has helped it...
  19. Skychickens

    Disney Fairies

    Okay. I cannot be the only fur on this site that has a soft spot for the movies. I've never gotten the books, but oh do I want to. I've read the whole wiki if that counts... and growing up I was a HUGE fan of Tinker Bell. I have always loved fairies. All of them. Even the mean scary ones from...
  20. Skychickens

    Gifs of your species

    One of my favorite things to do is find gifs of my species and use them in places. (If you’ve seen me on the Last Post Wins thread for long you’ve probably noticed) so I thought it would be fun to share! Let’s see what everyone really is like! You can tell a lot about a person based on what...