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  1. littlecoffeefox

    Intimacy with an Arctic Fox

    Hello, I'm Iku: an Arctic Fox. I enjoy a balance of time alone and time with friends. My passion is to do the things that make me happy and be able to help others with the same. I like outdoor sports: rock climbing, biking and snowboarding. And indoor sports: board games, food, cooking and...
  2. littlecoffeefox

    Police, Fire Fighter, Medic, Nurse, Etc

    Heya I'm Fox, I'm looking to see if there are any furs out there who work in or are interested in EMS or Law Enforcement who would be interested in sharing stories, decompress, connect, ask questions and maybe just make friends and chat? Im an Arctic Fox, I work as a BLS Medic in WA State. If...
  3. littlecoffeefox

    Furry Social Chat Services

    Hello, I'm an Arctic Fox out in Seattle, WA I am looking for a way to connect and meet new fur friends. Specifically I'm interested in online social spaces or chat services like Telegram, Skype or Yahoo. I guess I'm looking for guidance to find group chats, what people here use and any advice...