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  1. Macrofurry_Writer

    Brony seeking the rare human capable artist (budget 20-40 USD)

    Hello. Yes I know this is a furry site but I also kmow there are talented human subject artists too. I am seeking a piece for Macro March of 2 slender build human characters I have in my arsenal of characters. Both will be fully clothed so don't you worry SFW only artists. :D If interested...
  2. Macrofurry_Writer

    (Commission) Selling: Artist new to the visual medium seeks clients (1-3 slots avalible, prices start at 50 USD)

    Hey there, so I am looking to expand into the visual medium of commissioning. My prices start at 50 USD, though due to my not so great setup I won't be able in all likelihood to do things past say flat colors. I have 1 to 4 slots ready and am willing to do most anything, though would prefer...
  3. Macrofurry_Writer

    (Commission) Selling: Seeking new clients! (Target price 100 to 200 USD in total)

    Hello. I had a client lose interest in me after pulling my leg for days on end. (And his asskissing friends bullying me to top off the shit cake) I need a client to pay a bill. (If you can't tolerate this, then sit down, shut up and if you post something counterproductive to my search for a...
  4. Macrofurry_Writer

    Seeking partners for a royal pony RP (18+ partners only)

    Hello. I am seeking long term, story focused RP capable partners who are willing to RP a scenario involving the cast of royal anthro ponies I RP as. They are sizeshifters and yes, macro and micro will be involved. While I'd prefer human partners I wouldn't say no to other species. Just ask and...
  5. Macrofurry_Writer

    (Commission) Selling: Writing commissioner seeks 175 for virus related bills

    I am seeking people interested in having a story written. I have up to 2 slots avalible though if I don't reach my target of 175 USD due to bills in one to 2 slots I might open one or two more. I don't want it to come to that. Please PM if you want to see an example of my past work, etc.
  6. Macrofurry_Writer

    Hiring: Macro pony seeks macro art (ideal price of 25 to 60 USD)

    Hey there. I am seeking an artist who is fine with macro and can draw two pudgy/chubby figured, speedo clad ponies on a contintent in some manner (likely sunbathing but we'll see) Ideally I'd like to keep things cheapish around 25 to 60 USD. If interested PM me.
  7. Macrofurry_Writer

    Hiring: (NSFW) Commissions (budget 25$ CAD but can go over a little)

    And yet people like you are why ghosting is such an issue in the commission side of the community. Pull your head out of your ass.
  8. Macrofurry_Writer

    Hiring: (NSFW) Commissions (budget 25$ CAD but can go over a little)

    Maybe he's just an inside clique member you have connections to so he responds to you easier than an outsider like me?
  9. Macrofurry_Writer

    Hiring: (NSFW) Commissions (budget 25$ CAD but can go over a little)

    Don't even bother. He's treating ALL of us like a joke. Fucker's yet to respond to me.
  10. Macrofurry_Writer

    EMERGENCY, URGENT. Story commission clients needed ASAP.

    I was hopeful to sell my laptop to pay rent for the month but since the business wouldn't take it, I ran deeper in the hole. I am.seeking story clients ASAP. Willing to write a wide variety of things. If interested or want to see an example, please reply here or PM me. Not going to post a price...
  11. Macrofurry_Writer

    Hey. Sent you a message expressing interest.

    Hey. Sent you a message expressing interest.
  12. Macrofurry_Writer

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: Selling old sona art (15-30 USD)

    Hello. I am now seeking a new home for my old sona. Base price is 15 to 30 USD.
  13. Macrofurry_Writer

    (Commission) Selling: Seeking commissions to help pay bills (Average price $15-25/1k)

    Hello. I am seeking clients for story commissions. My prices start at an average of 15 to 25 USD but as I have a bill I need to pay I am negotiable. If interested in this, please PM me or reply.
  14. Macrofurry_Writer

    Hiring: Seeking a bang for the buck colored bust of my Changeling OC. (Budget of $10)

    Yep. I'm seeking those willing to do a colored art of a bust shot of my Commander Changeling (MLP species) OC. My max budget is (ideally) 10 USD. But I might be convinced to go a tad more. We'll see. If this interests you please reply here.
  15. Macrofurry_Writer

    Hiring: Seeking colored digital art of a giantess lizard

    Good early morning. I am seeking someone willing to do a digital (ideally flat color as those run more affordable though for the right price* I might want it shaded) piece of art involving my gigantic lizard lady. If this interests you, please PM me so we can get Discords exhanged and the...
  16. Macrofurry_Writer


    I'm now in a bind and need to pay a kate phone bill as I have been disconnected and shoved onto my roommates WiFi. I am seeking at least 135 if not 150 USD to cover a meal while I work on your story commission. If interested in a longer story and want examples PM me.