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  1. Seas

    Would you mind porn of your fursona?

    I wouldn't mind, even surprise ones, if it isn't humiliating/harmful to the character.
  2. Seas

    So... Star Conflict.

    I started playing this game (again, after a past try) recently, and I like how the beta is progressing so far. Too bad there is only one kind of PvE mission until rank 4, but after I grinded to the Dagger, I flew it in PvP with very good results (ok, no bragging in a tier 1+2 fight, but...
  3. Seas

    (W.Dragon) Fursona Redesign + Checking rates on SL avatars

    Hello! I am interested in doing a reference picture for you! I have good experience with reptilian characters (dragons too), and can do a multi-pose flat color ref for 30$. Some examples of reference pictures I made so far: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/8171194/...
  4. Seas

    Making Animal Noises

    Luckily, I am unable to imitate sounds my fursona's species usually makes, so this is out of question for me. I do sometimes make animal noises as an irony/joke. Although, my favorite noise to make is George Takei's "Oh my!" The more ironic for the actual situation, the better. Anyway, it...
  5. Seas

    Amusing Moments in Videogaming

    Most of the time playing cRPG mod for Warband. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=45eU2xcYmwg It's full of funny glitches and exploits like that. And the character voice pack is the most hilarious one of all games I've played.
  6. Seas

    Favorite setting in fiction

    My favorite is space opera, a mixture of light sci-fi and light fantasy elements. Numerous alien races, FTL travel, bizarre weapon techs, etc. I also like semi-realistic cyberpunk, examples being the settings Shadowrun and EYE: Divine Cybermancy. Classic/medieval fantasy is also liked by me...
  7. Seas

    Adult two Fursona light Bg

    I could do the picture you described for 30$, with a simple shading style, so, you can expect a quality of at least that of these examples: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/8171194/ http://www.furaffinity.net/view/3979779/ http://www.furaffinity.net/view/1443662/ Thanks for considering!
  8. Seas

    Robots Or Aliens Or RobotAliens

    Hi! I am expressing an interest on possibly working on your second picture, as I have good experience drawing aliens, both original characters, and ones from official universes. Take a look at this image I drew as a commission for someone, featuring multiple aliens from different settings...
  9. Seas

    1 fursona, colored, with shading, 5$ - 150$

    Hi! I have good experience and liking of drawing of sci-fi armour, characters, and vehicles. I don't ask much, only 33$ for a detailed character with a simple background. Take a look here for some examples: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/7785881/ http://www.furaffinity.net/view/6963615/...
  10. Seas

    Hiring for $5-$20 transformation art

    Hi! I'd love to do a picture for you, I think the work I made for you in the past was of satisfying quality : ) I can do a one-character pic with simple background for you for $20. Normally it is of a higher price but I'm willing to do it for you like this because you are a repeat customer for...
  11. Seas

    I need to find a good RPG game to play, please help me!

    Party-Based RPGs: Baldur´s Gate series Icewind Dale series Neverwinter Nights Series Planescape:Torment Temple of Elemental Evil Avernum series Geneforge series First/third Person RPGs: Elder Scrolls series, I´d personally recommend Morrowind Gothic series Fallout series (1, 2, and Tactics...
  12. Seas

    three toe paws or four toe paws

    My fursona has 4 toes on each hind foot (digitigrade), and 4 fingers on each hand which also count as front legs at quadripedal movement. His species doesn´t have thumbs but that is partially compensated by the motion range of the two side fingers, although they are still at a slight...
  13. Seas

    Planetside 2!

    I normally play as TR, on EU-Cobalt, but I´m not playing much nowadays, I will when the atrociously high crash probability gets fixed. Maybe I´ll try it out with Windows8 64bit, maybe that will make it better.
  14. Seas

    NSFW Sketch Request Thread!

    I love it! :3 Thanks a lot!
  15. Seas

    NSFW Sketch Request Thread!

    In that case I´d like to link to the externally hosted picture of my character´s nsfw reference: http://i.imgur.com/aQBkH.jpg He doesn´t really like bdsm, maybe some light one if you prefer to draw that kind of pictures. Would love to see a picture of him drawn by you ^^
  16. Seas

    NSFW Sketch Request Thread!

    Hi! I´d like to receive one of your sketches, and I see you prefer scalies so you might like drawing my character :3 http://www.furaffinity.net/view/8171224/ Here is an nsfw ref of him, he doesn´t really like bdsm though (well, maybe the light kind). But anyway, I would love to see a...
  17. Seas

    What is your fursona's favorite food?

    My fursona likes many kinds of meat (fish or terrestrial) that is lightly cooked and well spiced. That is just his preference though, as being a predator, he´d have no problem eating raw meat either.
  18. Seas

    Naked 'sona?

    My fursona/character usually wears practical clothing as he often visits places that is colder than his natural environment, and he needs some belts and pockets to store equipment. He doesn´t mind being naked though, in the culture of his species, nudity is a completely normal thing, clothing...
  19. Seas

    Interesting aspects about your characters

    He can run and swim fast because his species, despite being predators, weren´t the biggest ones in their environment, and prey weren´t easy to get either. He is resistant against toxins and any energy emission that would affect the neural system, because his species evolved on a toxic planet...
  20. Seas

    Your Best Weapon

    MP7. Bonus points if a game portrays it's niche among SMG's well. I have an airsoft one since a few years, pretty nice for CQB.