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  1. TemetNosce88

    (Commission) Selling: ($50+) TemetNosce88's Commissions Open! (NSFW and pinups) - YCH Now Available!

    I'm open for commissions! I have 2 spots left for anyone who wants them. Please read my full Terms of Service here: https://www.furaffinity.net/journal/10006610 In a nutshell: Commissions like those you see above are $50+ for a colored, shaded, full-body drawing. More for complex characters or...
  2. TemetNosce88

    Free Art: I want to draw your hooved ladies (CLOSED)

    Between projects right now, so I'd like to offer one or two slots for free art. However, the following conditions apply to what I will draw: Must be hooved/an ungulate species (horses preferred, but any are fine- cows, sheep, goats, etc). I do not draw feet or paws. Must be female or have a...
  3. TemetNosce88

    Forum What does following on FAF do?

    Apologies if this has been discussed previously or is spelled out somewhere that I just can't find. My question is, what exactly does following someone on the forums do? I can't find anywhere that this is explained. Thanks!
  4. TemetNosce88

    Critique: What's wrong with this figure?

    I just wanted to get some feedback on a figure sketch before I start doing linework. I think it's pretty good but I feel like there's something off about it. Not sure if it's her front-most leg or what. Any thing that sticks out as strange or any constructive feedback would be appreciated...
  5. TemetNosce88

    What are your daily rituals?

    Or if not daily, regular rituals. By ritual, I'm referring to anything you try to do at the same time and/or same way each day that feels special or meaningful to you. Maybe it's just something you enjoy. The important thing is that you do it the same way and it's important to you. For me...
  6. TemetNosce88

    Gift art etiquette

    Just something I've been curious about for a little bit now, but what is the generally accepted etiquette for making gift art for someone or their character? Basically just for the situtation of browsing on FA or something and saying "Oh, that's a cool character, I'd like to draw them." I'm...
  7. TemetNosce88

    Hello hello

    Hi there! This is my obligatory introduction post after registering on the forums. :) I've been loosely in the fandom pretty much ever since I got in the Internet and have had an FA account for some time, but only really started using it earlier this year. I'm also attempting to start drawing...