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  1. 0rang3

    What scares you?

    Spiders and all kinds of other insects. And those lifeless-looking dolls.
  2. 0rang3

    What is your style?

    My style changes from time to time so i dunno
  3. 0rang3

    Critique please

    May I ask what animal is that?
  4. 0rang3

    a sketchbook from bliss

    Looking good so far.
  5. 0rang3

    Discuss Anime

    Parasyte, have read the manga and it was quite good. I just finished haikyuu! and never thought that I would have liked a sports anime P: Claymore and terra formars. Though they said terra formars's anime has alot of censorship like tokyo ghoul.
  6. 0rang3

    What are your career goals?

    Illustrator, concept artist, or anything that has to do with drawing. I have thought about becoming a comic artist(or mangaka) but I'm kind of a laid back person so I just wanna get an easier job, don't wanna be chasing deadlines yo. Drawing is probably one and the only thing I'm good at.
  7. 0rang3

    New to art.

    You could look through those sticky threads, those are helpful.
  8. 0rang3

    Advice or critique on first digital painting (wip)

    For me,the neck is a little too small for that big head. It looks ok other than that.
  9. 0rang3

    Cintiq 13HD and SAI problems

    I found this on google: http://forum.wacom.eu/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=18949 I think it may be that your other 2 additional monitor is causing that problem P: Hope this helps.
  10. 0rang3

    New(ish) here. Hi all!

    Welcome to the forums! Enjoy your stay.
  11. 0rang3


    Hey Ho welcome to the forums! Trust me you will make some new great friends here. :U Jk people here are awesome.
  12. 0rang3

    This loser is here simply to make everything worse

    Welcome here to the forums, YOUR VIRGINITY MUST BE SACRIFICED TO BE IN THIS FANDOM enjoy your stay :)
  13. 0rang3


    Heya welcome to the forums, enjoy your stay 0w0
  14. 0rang3

    Phobias & Fears Discussion

    Ocean, insects, darkness, ghosts and maybe heights.
  15. 0rang3

    Please critique my art (generally)

    The first one, since they're fighting I think warm colours are needed for the piece to be more "action-packed" since the colours you used are all cool colours in that piece. Third one, in my opinion it is a little too dark(trees). You might need to work on your anatomy for a bit.
  16. 0rang3

    I don't know about you guys...

    Why would you want to stay away from this paradise?!?! :V I always thought it was cool,ya know, anthro and all those. It still is.
  17. 0rang3

    Multiple Fursonas

    I have like, 3 fursonas, penguin, tiger and goat. I never gave them names because they are just me in anthro form.
  18. 0rang3

    Requests and also trades??

    Still doing trades? Here's my character:- http://www.furaffinity.net/full/13910055/ Note me on FA if you're interested 0w0