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  1. K9Lupus

    [Critique Requested] "Wolf Boy" An Upcoming Novel

    Hello everyone, I wanted to extend an invitation and request to each of you to take the time to read over and critique my main writing project, "Wolf Boy": "Wolf Boy" follows the journey of a girl named Nylca who finds solace exploring the woods around her home to escape from the tension of a...
  2. K9Lupus

    Getting One's Writing "Out There" on the Net Amidst a Sea of Illustrators

    TikTik, I understand your concerns as they are ones I believe most writers experience, myself included. I've used the phrase "writing in a sea of art" before, and although that feeling of presenting material against what is commonplace (in comparison to artwork/comic-based projects) can be a...
  3. K9Lupus

    Writing Commissions Open!

    Original Commission Journal Link Available At: K9Lupus Commission Info I am thrilled to have the opportunity to bring your ideas to life with my writing. At the heart of my writing is an emphasis on story, characters, and bringing the realm of the magical into our reality. What Will You Write...