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  1. Alchera

    Anthrocon Post-Con Report (or: I feel like complaining)

    It only happened that one year. In 2009 my room was on a much lower floor. <3 But, AC is now a place I'm no longer attending due to expenses. It cost me more this year than the previous.
  2. Alchera

    Anthrocon Post-Con Report (or: I feel like complaining)

    Even though that might be the case, it still isn't a good practice. If that kind of thing continues, then someone will certainly end up suing someone.
  3. Alchera

    Anthrocon Post-Con Report (or: I feel like complaining)

    I'll tell you one that happened to me, but it wasn't AC 09. It was AC 08. On the second day of the con, the support in my shoes, primarily my right shoe, went complete out. As a result, while in the Dealer's Den/Artist Alley area, I started to have pains which quickly escalated into a full...
  4. Alchera

    Defining the furry fandom...

    Someone once told me, though I don't remember who, the community can be illustrated like this: You unlock the door to a hallway full of doors, and you feel that you've made it into an accepting community. But then, you realize all the doors in the hallway are also locked. When you finally...
  5. Alchera

    Bill banning human and animal hybrids (Making anthros illegal?)

    I believe this sums it up: "...filed Senate Bill 115 on behalf of the Louisiana Conference of Catholic Bishops..." Yup. Church trying to throw its weight into the legal system, where it doesn't belong. The fact they even got a Senator to support them is not so surprising either. I think...
  6. Alchera

    Stricter Blocking

    I say what needs to be fixed, if it hasn't, is the fact that when you've blocked someone the said blocked cannot directly reply to anything you do on the site. Some time ago, I had someone I blocked using another person's journal as a medium through which to directly respond to a comment I made...
  7. Alchera

    Equal rights for artists and writers under the new AUP

    Honestly? The only tool an honest writer needs is a brain. Software does not make one good writer, neither do the pen or paper. To me, a screencap of a writing program is questionable as it isn't exactly the same sort of thing you have with graphical art.
  8. Alchera

    ridiculous things in rpg's.

    Funny thing about those sewers. Not once have I ever seen a character make any remark about the smell, or voice any object to wading through the water.
  9. Alchera

    ridiculous things in rpg's.

    That which you've mentioned, plus: 1. Awkward dialogue people wouldn't speak. 2. Awkward weapons, such as the gunblade and ridiculous keyblade. 3. Armor is exquisitely ornamented...yeah...like you're going to wear that in battle. 4. Weapons are exquisitely ornamented...same as above. 5...
  10. Alchera

    Account Problem: Explanation of the "Watch removed by User"

    There must be a lot of people who are unable to decide to watch, or hit the button by accident.
  11. Alchera

    Deleting notes and hiding comments

    "Kissing ass" has very little to do with what the OP is suggesting. Even though the Admins a good job on handling harassment, there are so many users on the site that it is hard to get to all of them. That, plus people who send in reports for the slightest things, clogs up the system, making...
  12. Alchera

    Commission Managment System

    If an artist cannot keep track of their own commissions, that is their own problem. FA should not be held responsible or offer to keep track of artist commissions. The admins have enough to handle all ready without such a system in place.
  13. Alchera

    "Mature" journal options

    I have to agree with Eevee on this issue. If you tried to give 'life' itself a rating, it would be completely unrated with no restrictions. Don't expect people writing journals to micromanage their own written voice as "general" or "mature". There is a such thing as too much censorship.
  14. Alchera


    What happens off the website and forums is not the concern of FA's Administration, nor should it be unless the activities present a risk to the functioning of the site itself. Outside of the website and forums, the FA Administration has no power whatsoever when it comes to the types of people...
  15. Alchera

    Deleting notes and hiding comments

    The words 'Share' and 'Feedback' are two different things. A system like this would help when it comes to trolling and harassment, which are sincere issues. I've seen some things on the site in which someone begins trolling, and 90% of the comments on the image is responding to the idiot who is...
  16. Alchera

    I liked the newer Disney Princesses a lot more than the older ones... don't you?

    I liked Jasmine more when she was Chinese, not Arabian, and named Badroulbadour as per the original story. Pocahontas has an uncanny ability for striking dramatic poses.
  17. Alchera

    The Ultimate Sonic Fan?

    I tried looking on you tube for it, but I couldn't find it among the masses of sonic videos.
  18. Alchera

    Offering Prints via FurAffinity?

    No. I have a certain manual process when it comes to making prints for people. Can't do that if they are handled by someone else.
  19. Alchera

    The Ultimate Sonic Fan?

    Does he remind you of Jake Lloyd?
  20. Alchera


    I'm not flaming here, but I honestly have to share a counter thought. Some people have a title for those who think the way you've described: narcissist.