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  1. kiroku

    "The Cleaners" (or The price of a "clean" internet)

    The other month, I watched a documentary by Hans Block and Moritz Riesewieck called "The Cleaners." The documentary focuses on how major social media platforms and search engines use outsourced companies in places like the Philippines to manually sort through images and videos that are posted to...
  2. kiroku

    Notable Furry News / Internet History

    Recently furries were being mentioned a lot in a good deed by some suiters banding together to stop a domestic assault in progress. What other notable stories do you remember about furries making the news or being talked a lot about on the internet? Famous memes, incidences, events, or anything...
  3. kiroku

    RP & Relationships

    Hopefully this hasn't been discussed to death already. I have my telegram on my FA profile and I don't mind when anyone contacts me about whatever, but recently more and more of conversations I'm involved in start to turn into the other person beginning to RP with me. Usually it's friendly and...