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  1. Aidy

    christ its been like 2 years

    in this scenario it's more sad than anything, there's a thread about someone wanting furry games on android and don't mind if they're adult or not i mean people would've been all over that by now :(
  2. Aidy

    christ its been like 2 years

    there's a few of you old folks left at least, but it seems faf is no longer like its golden days :((
  3. Aidy

    So FA is 10 years old...ever going to update the site?

    i'm still waiting on the performance boosts that FA promised us before any of the promises of a new ui, which is still a few years late the day fa delivers on a promise and it actually works will be the day hell freezes over like 5 times consecutively
  4. Aidy

    christ its been like 2 years

    yeah, i only recognise a couple people, apart from a couple people who changed names or i never really spoke to
  5. Aidy

    christ its been like 2 years

    whoa its clayton i thought you left years ago
  6. Aidy

    christ its been like 2 years

    there are plenty of furfag porn simulators out there for you gibby
  7. Aidy

    christ its been like 2 years

    seriously well im back, though i dont recognise like most of the names i see bar one or two oldfags, so shoutout to the oldschool fam, i see you anyway hi, for those that dont know me, i make video games, i test video games, and i review video games sup
  8. Aidy

    Unpopular gaming opinions.

    That was a fun game too, FC is a wonderful series
  9. Aidy

    Hi , konichiwa , hola , and every other greeting word.

    Welcome to the collective.
  10. Aidy

    Unpopular gaming opinions.

    Far Cry 2 > Far Cry 3 People get angry at me when I say that for some reason
  11. Aidy

    Your Fursona: Would It Be Ashamed of It's Human Counterpart? :[

    ah, some things never change
  12. Aidy

    Remember *insert your name here*?

    the sexy one
  13. Aidy

    Screenshots V2. (Gogogogogo)

    Poor Tiger :c
  14. Aidy

    What album are you looking forward to?

    ShockOne's Universus and Sub Focus' untitled album which was supposed to be out 2 years ago Silly artists and their inability to release things on time
  15. Aidy

    What Are You Playing Right Now?

    Started playing runescape again so there's that, and ArmA 3, been playing more of Prison Architect now that it's been added to Steam. That's about it really, just waiting for Metro Last Light to come out
  16. Aidy

    Drunken Robot Pornography

    Looks pretty fun, I might give it a go when I have some money to spend, could always do with something to waste a bit of time on
  17. Aidy

    Does being a furry make you go to hell? Christian

    yeah i'm pretty sure jesus said that furfags will all burn in hell
  18. Aidy

    Furries and you: A FLAWLESS guide for the newly initiated.

    I think this whole 'yiff' stereotype is being worn a bit thin on here recently.
  19. Aidy

    When was your realization

    It's a hobby, not a lifestyle or anything so I didn't realise anything. I decided to join in on this hobby around 2008 or 2009 so around 4 or 5 years.
  20. Aidy

    Oh, Bethesda: your favorite or most memorable glitches.

    It's a weird ass glitch but RDR isn't by Bethesda, it's by Rockstar and you can always expect shit like that from Rockstar. I think the lack of infinite quests is mine. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZvJtSx0_VlQ