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  1. Coyote Club

    Winter Sports and Furry Art (Or .... Shiny Things and Special Snowflakes)

    I've been watching the Winter Olympics in Sochi (from the comfort of my living room) for the past few days, and I noticed a few things: The snowflake headdresses from the opening ceremonies look like something ripped out of the song Springtime for Hitler (NSFW image), dogs are plentiful in...
  2. Coyote Club

    Happy Valentines Day

    Howdy FA folks. Hopefully V.D. wont catch ya by the junk this year. What I mean is that Valentine's Day is coming up, and particular people enjoy the love and squishy/feel-good emotions associated with said day. If you're with such a person, please be sure to show them your love by remembering...
  3. Coyote Club

    Greetings from The Coyote Club

    Howdy folks. I'm brand new, I've skimmed the post guides, and I'm looking forward to my experience here @ FA forums. See ya on the "B" side, Coyote Club