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  1. Darth-Dukes

    $5 Headshots!

    Don't really think my art is worth that much yet, but it's the minimum. I'm taking 3 slots for headshots! You choose transparent or simple background. Will be done within 24 hours of acceptance! Payment will be through Paypal. Examples (in order from oldest to most recent):
  2. Darth-Dukes

    Help Renaming Sona

    So I've decided to change my fursonas name to Ramona, but I need to decide on a middle name for her, and I want it to start with a G. (Yes, it is necessary.) Currently it's between Ramona Grayce and Ramona Griselda. Which name do you think fits her best? (art by lava-java on deviantArt)
  3. Darth-Dukes

    Introducing Rhiann!

    Since I talk about her all the time I think it's time for a formal introduction. (Art by xWolfieJoeyx on dA) General Information First Name: Rhiann Surname: Ward Nicknames: Rhi, Rhino Gender: Female Species: Cow Birthday: July 15th Age: 19 Sexual Orientation: Panromantic Demi-Bisexual...
  4. Darth-Dukes

    Hai guys!

    What's up everyone? I'm Dee. I'm pretty new to the furry fandom and this site. I mean, I'd seen anthros just about everywhere on Chicken Smoothie and deviantArt, but only within this past year did I actually get into anthros. I'm looking forward to hopefully make new friends on this site and see...