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    Cheap commissions? >.>;

    Right, I'm saving up for a Wacom Volito2 so I felt like trying to take a few commissions... Cheap commissions. Right now I'm only taking safe-for-work pics Pricing(not definite): $4-5 or something for a sketch and and just... MORE for an inked pic, say $5-6 or what you feel like paying.. it's...
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    request meee :3

    I haven't drawn anything for several days and I'm getting abstinent from it, but I don't have any ideas of what to draw :c Request anything, I prefere non yiff tho :)
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    Helluu :)

    I figured as I think I will be using FA regularly that I might as well register on the forums :) So yeah, Hi! I'm a bit of a cartoon nerd and I've been drawing for a few years now.. 6 or so. I prefere to draw cartoons but sometimes it's nice to do a bit of proportioned art as well ;P...